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A town in the Province of Savona, Italy, Alassio rests peacefully on the western coast of Liguria. It lies about 30 miles southwest of Savona city and just 5 miles north of Andora. In the past few decades, Alassio has gain fame as a beautiful English resort town – a reputation that it definitely lives up to.

First Step in Holiday Planning – Rent a Car in Alassio

In contemporary times, Alassio is a famous tourist-town that attracts numerous visitors from different parts of the world each year. It is proximity of two primary International Airports – Genoa Cristoforo Colombo Airport and Monte Carlo International Heliport - in Genoa and Monte Carlo, respectively. Moreover, it has a large bay and harbor, with many luxury cruise ships and vessels stopping by to let off tourists. The city is also connected to a major highway, such that some tourists, particularly local Italian residents from proximal Provinces, drive down or catch a bus to the city as well. The main mode of travel within the town is by car or cab, and thus visitors are advised to get a car for hire in Alassio for maximum convenience and comfort.

The Best Pastime – Hit the Beach

Stretching over 4 km to join the seaside township of Laigueglia, the primary beach of Alassio is blessed with grey, dustless sand, and some beautiful blue waters. With the city having a moderate climate throughout the year, one can swim in the beach from March to November, though people frequent the beach throughout the year for getting a mild tan or playing beach-sports like volleyball or picnicking. The underwater world of Alassio is also mesmerizing with reefs and schools of unique colorful fishes. People can rent diving gear and go exploring the depths of the ocean. Those who love beaches shall find that their car for rent in Alassio shall lie abandoned while they spend many an hour lazing about the beautiful beach.

Some Gastronomic Delights…

Alassio is a great place for sampling some traditional Ligurian cuisine. The typical Mediterranean ingredients such as olive oil, pine seeds, herbs, fish and vegetables are an essential element of such food. Walk into any local restaurants and you’ll find them serving some rich Ligurian food accompanied with some fantastic wine brewed at the vineyards just outside the city. Be sure to taste the ‘Baci di Alassio’ here; it is a popular dessert pastry which has a central filling of chocolate. If you hire a car in Alassio, you can also visit the proximal hamlet of Rosignano Solvay, which is famous for its unique ‘biscette’ - basically a long pancake with fennel seeds.

Get a Car Rental in Alassio for Optimal Convenience

The Italian town of Alassio is an ideal location for a relaxing vacation of any length – a short weekend-break from routine life, or a long holiday of extended leisure. Either way, one should get a rental car, so as to explore the town and its surrounding regions in a the luxury of a private vehicle.

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