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The medium-sized city of Agrigento is located in south of Sicily, and is a major tourist center, famous for its extraordinary cultural legacy. It is often twinned with Tampa, USA and Valenciennes, France. The valley of temples has been made a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998.

Sightseeing with a Car for Hire in Agrigento

The Valley of Temples comprises of seven monumental Greek Temples built in Doric style. These temples date back to the 5th and 6th centuries B.C. Many parts of the valley are still unexcavated. The Temple of Juno and Temple of Concord are among the best preserved monuments. The Temple of Olympian Zeus and the Temple of Hercules are other important ones. Many other Hellenistic and Roman architectural ruins and artifacts can be seen around the city. One must visit the Archaeological Museum to have a better understanding of these sites. The museum has a huge architectural telamon which has been reconstructed from pieces.

Other Places to Visit

The old centre of Agrigento is also worth visiting. Via Atena has got a range of small shops run by locals during the evening. The large cathedral was built around 1000 AD and has since been renovated several times. It offers a grand view across the valley. A visit during the Festa del Mandorlo in Fiore (the almond blossom festival) celebrated towards the end of February will give you a pleasure of different kind. Availing services such as car rental in Agrigento would be a suitable option for sightseeing.

Where’s and What’s

Budget, middle ranged and luxuriously expensive hotels are spread throughout the city. A tourist would have no problem in finding places for accommodation. Restaurants indulge in Greek cuisines and olive-oil based dishes. One would find ample options to hire a car in Agrigento. Frequent trains commute from Palermo, Caltanissetta, and Enna to the city. Bus services from neighboring regions are also available. Boats and Hydrofoils are available during summer in large numbers from Agrigento’s port.

Rent a Car in Agrigento for comfort

The visual treat that Agrigento offers to its tourists cannot be expressed in words. Its rich cultural heritage, its architectural wonders and scenic beauty have made it a popular tourist destination of all times. It is advisable to go for a car for rent in Agrigento to enjoy a luxurious, comfortable tour of the ancient city and its breathtaking sites.

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