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The city of Verona in northern Italy is more like a dream place for tourists. The city has a very rich historical and artistic heritage. Numerous annual fairs, operas, and shows attract tourists to this city. The UNESCO has declared Verona as a world heritage site, owing to its urban architecture. Some of the chief tourist sights in the city include the Roman amphitheater and the San Zeno Maggiore Basilica. The provision for comparing prices of Verona airport rental cars at our website makes your journey pleasurable.

Verona – A historical perspective

Verona was a very important city under the rule of the Emperor Maximilian I, during the sixteenth century. During this time, Verona was seriously affected by the outbreak of a serious plague. As a result, it lost more than half of its population. In the year 1797, Verona came under the control of Napoleon Bonaparte but its population revolted against his rule. In the year 1805, Verona became a part of the Naples Kingdom. Verona witnessed the growth of fascism in Italy in the period prior to and during the Second World War.

Airport services in Verona

Verona is served by one major international airport, known as the Vallerio Catullo Airport. It is located about three kilometers away from the main city. You can easily book car hire Verona airport services by making use of our extensive online booking system. We provide our customers with online booking facilities for car hire Verona requirements across the world.

Tourism in Verona

Verona is one of the prettiest places in Italy, housing some splendid structures and monuments. One of the famous monuments in Verona is the San Zeno Maggiore Basilica. This structure is built in the Romanesque style of architecture. Another famous structure is the Santa Maria Antica church. This is also a very large Romanesque church and famous for the Scaliger Tombs. The discounts and offers available on our website allow you to rent a car in Verona airport. Therefore, you should certainly take advantage of the hire car Verona airport services on our booking system and book a service for yourself right now.

Truly, by booking the car hire services in Verona you can explore the structures and monuments in the city conveniently.

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