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Rome, the capital of Italy, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole world. There are numerous historical attractions in Rome such as the Vatican museums, the Capitolini, the Gallerie Borghese and many more. The Colosseum in Rome which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is known to attract as many as four million tourists in one year. There are also some very beautiful fountains in Rome.

Rome is served by three main airports. These are the Rome Ciampino Airport (CIA), the Rome Leonardo Da Vinci International Airport (FCO) and the Roma Urbe Airport. There are some wonderful booking discounts as well as offers on car hire Rome airport services on our website. We provide you with the current offers and prices of various car rental companies for your benefit. Our website also lets you compare the prices between these car rental companies so that you avail the offer that suits you best.

Rome – A Historical Perspective

The early history of Rome is shrouded in myths and legends. It is believed that Rome was founded by a man by the name of Romulus. The Roman Republic was then formed in the year 509 B.C. Rome was a very powerful Republic until it eventually became an empire. It was the ruler Augustus, who established Roman rule all over Europe. Rome dominated both Western Europe as well as Eastern Europe. The Roman Empire declined in 476 A.D.

In the Medieval Age, Rome became the seat of Catholic power. Rome served as the Papal State’s capital until its annexation by Italy in the year 1870. In the period of the First and Second World Wars, Rome along with the whole of Italy witnessed the development of Fascism. Today, Rome is one of the 8101 communes of Italy.

Tourism In Rome

There are some lovely tourist attractions in Rome such as the Sistine Chapel and the Saint Peter’s Basilica. The Palazzo Sentario is the famous city hall of Rome. You can visit these locations quite easily and quickly if you avail the car rental services. When you rent a car in Rome airport you will be also able to drive to the Vatican City and other nearby locations in Rome in absolutely no time at all. The Vatican City is the residence of the Pope, who heads the Roman Catholic Church. The Rome airport rental cars are familiar with all the well known tourist locations in Rome. You should really make the best of the car hire Rome airport services when you are touring the city of Rome.

Take full advantage of the hire car Rome airport services for exploring the beautiful city of Rome.

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