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The derivation of the title Pisa is unknown. Pisa's heritages remained unidentified for ages. The metropolitan lies at the intersection of two brooks, the Serchio and the Amo in the Ligurian Sea creating a Laguna region.

The Pelasgi, Greeks, Etruscans and the Liguria’s have been suggested as originators of the metropolis. Pisa is a beautiful place to shed all your stress and worries. You can experience beauty and tranquillity using car hire Pisa, Italy to make your stay a memorable one.

Attraction of Pisa

If visiting Pisa is on your cards, then you cannot afford to miss - La Torre di Pisa. It is one of the most famous towers in Pisa. People from the all across the world come here to take a look at the beautiful tower which leans. Yes, it is known as the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The tour lasts for about a good 30 minutes. You can view monuments and cathedrals from the tower. The view is striking and something that will not ebb away from your memory. You can car hire Pisa airport and reach here in no time. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes as you have a lot of walking and climbing to do. You can also click lots of pictures to capture the good times you had. At the end of the trip, you will realize that the view is great and the climb is fun.

You can hire car Pisa Airport and reach this truly amazing and beautiful tower which will give you an experience of a lifetime.

Miracles happen

Miracles happen and they last forever sometimes. In Pisa, Campo dei Miracoli is a miracle in the form of a vast structure. Pisa airport rental cars will drop you off at this amazingly beautiful place also known as Field of Miracles. It has also made its place in the UNESCO World Heritage site. It is one of the most stunning tourist places in the world. The place is always packed with curious tourists from across the world. The amazingly constructed Cathedral and gorgeous Baptistery is a must see.

The square is situated on the edge of the beautiful medieval city. It was built in 1155 and is perfectly well maintained. A place you cannot afford to miss. Rent a car in Pisa airport and experience the true beauty of this heavenly destination.

The city of Abidjan on the Ivory Coast was a French colony and a very important sea port with a population of 3,796,677 residents. It is a highly industrialized and urbanized city apart from being a wonderful tourist destination with excellent accommodations and fine dining facilities. There are also some beautiful national parks in Abidjan, such as the Banco National Park. For a wonderful sightseeing experience, you can check out our various booking offers on Abidjan airport rental cars.

Abidjan - Brief History

Originally, the city of Abidjan was only a very small fishing village colonized by the French in the year 1896. The first French colonial government was formed in Abidjan in the year 1899. In the year 1933, Abidjan became the capital of the Ivory Coast. The plan of the city of Abidjan during Colonial rule was rather utopian. However, in the years following independence, Abidjan became a very important business and administration center. Unfortunately, in 1999, Abidjan met with an unfortunate political and economic disaster.

Airport Services in Abidjan

You can reach Abidjan by the new and modern Abidjan International Airport and pre book your rides through comparing our car rental prices to pick up your vehicle at Abidjan airport. The car hire Abidjan services allow online booking in advanced as well.

Tourism in Abidjan

Abidjan is a very popular tourist destination, largely because of its splendid beauty. There are some wonderful lagoons and beaches in Abidjan, with coconut and palm trees. The area of Vridi particularly, is a very picturesque sight in Abidjan where you can find lots of pineapple and coconut sellers. There are also some great sports and accommodation facilities in Abidjan. To make it easier for you to visit all the nice tourists spots in the city, you can opt to rent a car in Abidjan airport through our portal. The hire car Abidjan airport options give you the privilege of comparing and choosing the car of your choice from a wide range of cars to find what is the most convenient for you.

Whether you are a flexible backpacker or a serious well informed traveler, you will find plenty of activities to keep you busy in Abidjan. Here, you can enjoy a fun-filled, glorious holiday or a quiet, laidback one or better still, a bit of both. Whatever your choice is, Abidjan will not disappoint.

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