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The city of Palermo has a very rich historical lineage. It is located in Sicily and is often regarded as the cultural and economic capital of Sicily. The city of Palermo is well known for its baroque and Romanesque monuments, buildings, palaces, music and nightlife. The city is also very well connected by air as well as railway services. It is always good to be well informed while traveling. So it is imperative that you make use of our car comparison features to check out the rates of the Palermo airport rental cars.

Palermo – A Historical Perspective

The city of Palermo was discovered by the Phoenician people. However it was named by the ancient Greeks as Panormous Port of All, which means the largest port of the city. Palermo was a part of the Republic of Rome and then the Byzantine Empire for more than one thousand years. It became a capital when it was ruled by the Arabs in the years between 827 and 1071. Then Palermo became the capital of the Sicilian Kingdom following the conquest of the Normans.

Airport Services in Palermo

Palermo is served by two major airports. These are the Palermo International airport and the Punta Raisi airport. You can also find wonderful offers on our online booking of car hire Palermo airport services. The car hire Palermo services can be a great way to explore this interesting city.

Tourism in Palermo

Palermo is a renowned tourist destination, housing some of the finest attractions in the whole of Italy. One of the most significant landmarks of the city of Palermo is the Palazzo Dei Normanni. This is one of the most beautiful palaces in Italy and exhibits a good example of the Norman architectural style. The other famous sight is the Teatro Massimo, the opera house. This opera house was built towards the end of the 19th century. You can check out our website before you rent a car in Palermo airport to check out the destinations covered under each package. The hire car Palermo airport services are essential for a convenient trip to Palermo but that does not necessarily mean they are steeply priced.

Therefore, all you have to do is to pack your bags in order to experience a truly mind-blowing holiday in the city of Palermo.

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