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Bergamo is a renowned Italy city, known for having a rich historical and cultural heritage. It is located forty kilometers to the north east of Milan. There are many nice tourist attractions in Bergamo. Some of them are the fortresses of the fourteenth century, the old town square, and the Santa Maria Basilica. There is also a Citti Bassa, or a lower city area, comprising of houses of famous Italian merchants. At our website, you can get a quote by comparing the prices of various Bergamo airport rental cars.

Bergamo – A Historical Perspective

Bergamo was a very important hub during the roman rule. It became prominent duchy in Lombard during the sixth century. In the eleventh century, Bergamo became an independent commune. During the period of Renaissance, Bergamo was occupied by the Venetian Republic.

In the nineteenth century, Bergamo became a part of the Austrian empire. Bergamo was freed by the Italian freedom fighter Garibaldi in the year 1859. Bergamo then became a part of the Italian kingdom and remained a part of Italy henceforth.

Airport Services in Bergamo

Bergamo’s well-maintained airport is known as the Bergamo Orio Al Serio International Airport. Our website allows travelers to find car hire Bergamo services according to their needs and requirements. Moreover, all the actions concerned with hire car Bergamo airport service can be accomplished online with our online booking portal.

Tourism in Bergamo

Bergamo has an abundance of historical attractions. The most famous monument in Bergamo is probably the Basilica of Saint Maria. This is a medieval Roman Catholic Church, which is built in the Romanesque architectural style. Another well known sight for tourists in Bergamo is the old town area which dates back to the fourteenth century. When you visit this town area, you will be able to see the old style houses and buildings and even streets. There is also a particular lower area in the old town where famous Italian merchants used to live, so you will get to see their houses there. If you rent a car in Bergamo airport using our website as a medium, you will be able to visit and explore these places easily and conveniently.

Therefore, do not wait any longer. Browse through to compare our car hire prices to get car hire Bergamo airport services well in advance. This may turn out to be one of your best getaways ever, in a unique historical setting.

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