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Ovda is one of the largest cities in Israel in West Asia. It has a rich history and culture of its own and is serviced by its very own international airport. Ovda is visited by travelers from different parts of the world, especially the country of North America. The city is serviced by an efficient network of buses and trams which make navigation very easy. As a tourist, you could also make use of the services for car rental in Ovda in order to meet your exploration needs in the city.

Visit the Large Synagogues Using a Car for Hire in Ovda

If you hire a car in Ovda, you should make your way to the synagogues situated in the city center. Photography is prohibited inside the synagogues but you could always take pictures of these from the outside. Prayer services are held every evening and are open to the public.

Go Shopping at the Dollar Store in Ovda

When you are a tourist in the Israeli city of Ovda, the Dollar Store is a shopping destination you should visit. This is one of the most well-known stores in the city of Ovda that specializes in products from America. These products, ranging from shampoos, clothes, shoes and soaps to hair brushes, hair clips and combs are very moderately priced and are well within the means of most individuals. The Dollar Store is located a few kilometers away from the airport.

Make Your Way to the City Museum in Ovda

The city Museum of Ovda houses the history galleries of the locality right from ancient times to the present. By paying a visit to this museum, you can learn much about its historical heritage and the contribution the city has made to Jewish customs and tradition.

Explore the Nearby Cities with a Car for Rent in Ovda

If you rent a car in Ovda, you can travel to a large number of neighboring destinations. Examples include the capital city of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Eilat, Akko, and Beer Sheva.

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