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When visitors come to Nahariya, they are not able to shake away their first impression of the city because of its unique and enigmatic character. At first it seems quite serene, but once they look a little closer, it seems like it is the busiest city in the world. Nahariya is locally known as a combination of ‘recreation and relaxation’, combining a peaceful atmosphere with a lot of adventurous activities. The city centre is always bustling with activities, the cafés are never empty, and the beaches are always full of things for tourists to do.

Going from one place to another, however, could be time-consuming, and for this reason tourists will find it prudent to hire a car in Nahariya. Exploring the city in a rented car is the best way to enjoy the city to the fullest.

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Interested in viewing a bit of Israel’s history? Then, don’t forget to visit ‘the Or Torah Synagogue’, a place which is literally covered in mosaics of birds and animals, motifs and historical art. But remember: to get to this place, you will need a car for rent in Nahariya. With a rented car you are able to visit this magnificent place without wasting any time, and after you are done with ‘the Or Torah Synagogue’, you will have a chance, with your rented car, to explore the rest of the city.

Sderot HaGa’aton

Ever heard of a thoroughfare that has it all? Sderot HaGa’aton is one such thoroughfare. Stretching from the east to the west of the city, this thoroughfare is full of cafes, restaurants, shops and coffee shops on both sides of the road. Adding to its beauty, the famous Ga’aton river flows in the middle of the road, making it a special place to visit for everyone.

Tourist Train, Nature Reserves, and Olympic-size Sports Arena

The tourist train runs from the centre of the city toward its gorgeous beach, giving its passengers an opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and to see more of the city.

Many nature reserves in the area, namely, Rosh Ha-Nikra, Bahai Gardens, Betset beach, and Akhziv, are a treat for nature lovers.

In the city’s enormous sports and recreational facility visitors can indulge in mini soccer, skating, and basketball.

Get a car rental in Nahariya and Visit Neighboring Cities

If you rent a car in Nahariya, you will not only be able to fully enjoy the gorgeous city of Nahariya. You will also be able to visit the beautiful neighboring cities of Nahariya, namely: Acre, Maalot, Karmiel, Haifa and Irbid. There is so much to explore within the city and its neighboring cities that you simply need to have a rented car as an economical and convenient way to do so.

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