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Haifa lies in the northern part of Israel and has a seaport on the Mediterranean coastline which is nearly 64 kilometers. It lies just 90 km from the capital Tel Aviv and is a major regional center in northern Israel.

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Haifa is the 3rd largest city of Israel and a very beautiful beach city that contains the World Centre of the Baha’i faith. Surrounded on one side by the Mediterranean Sea, the city is a heady mix of the old and the new and a tourist gets to see many old monuments and historic sites in addition to all the modern skyscrapers and other amenities.

Haifa, a jewel of Israel

Haifa is one of the several entry points to the country called Israel, and no less beautiful that San Francisco in terms of being on a hill while providing spectacular water front. From the sea, the city of Haifa goes up to the slopes of Mount Carmel where the University of Haifa is situated. Haifa serves as the largest port of Israel bit it holds many other attractions for the tourists that require a visitor to hire a car in Haifa.

Elijah’s Cave

This is a very important site that is revered by Christians, Muslims as well as Jews. It is believed that the Prophet hid here to get away from King Ahab. The city has many ancient sites that contain relics from the past. Any one fond of old culture and historic sites gets mesmerized to see an abundance of such monuments in Haifa. There are relics that prove that the city was conquered and destroyed many times by the victors and was rebuilt many times also. To be better able to explore all such monuments, do not forget to rent a car in Haifa.

The city of tolerance requires car rental in Haifa

The presence of all 3 major religions of the world, Christianity, Islam, and Jew, and coexistence of people from many other faiths in this city make it a symbol of international religious tolerance. It is one of the very few places in the world where the Arabs and the Jews are living together harmoniously. The shrine of the Bab reflecting Baha’i faith is the landmark of the city and makes it a hot tourist attraction. To see all such monuments, a car for hire in Haifa is a must. Car rental in Haifa ensures you get a chance to visit nearby cities like Ibtin, Fureidis, Nesher, Kabul, Kafar Manda etc.

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