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This site is none other than Ein Bokek by the Dead Sea. Ein Bokek serves as a tourist destination for anyone looking for solitude. Apart from several clear pools of water, the site also includes bountiful tropical stream flora nested along a small waterfall. Throughout the entire Dead Sea coast, Ein Bokek is the biggest and most developed therapeutic complex, offering a selection of luxury hotels, hot springs, spas, restaurants, and shopping malls. It is easily accessed by road from Jerusalem and the town of Arad. The other towns and cities surrounding Ein Bokek include Dimona, Neve Zohar, and Ein Gedi. The best time to go to Ein Bokek Dead Sea, however, depends on one’s personal preferences. September is usually a very busy month for the site, as it is the Jewish holiday season. On the other hand, the extremely hot temperature may not be wise for anyone planning on visiting the Dead Sea during the summer months (July-August). The cooler time to visit Ein Bokek, or any other Israeli city, is during spring (March-May) and autumn (October-November).

Getting around with a car for hire in Ein Bokek Dead Sea

Without a doubt, the best way to get around Ein Bokek is to drive your own car. This is so you can keep yourself cool with the vehicle’s air conditioning. You no longer have to worry about the heat from the scorching sun, especially when you have chosen to travel to Ein Bokek during the summer season.

Sites to visit in Ein Bokek

When you’re in Ein Bokek, it is important that you visit the tourist destinations that await you. Considering that it is located by the Dead Sea, you will be surprised by how developed the area is. Here are some of the destinations that you should not miss:

  • Nahal Bokek: Near the tourist complex of Ein Bokek is a canyon-like gorge complete with water springs and common fauna and flora.
  • Nahal Zohar and Metzad Zohar: Canyon landscape complete with ruins that date back from the Roman and Israelite eras. These two ancient strongholds, unfortunately, can only be accessed with the help of a car for rent in Ein Bokek Dead Sea. Another option is to view them from the observation point located on Arad road.
  • Beit HaYotzer Museum: Located in Neve Zohar, this museum is dedicated to providing research and historical artefacts of the Dead Sea.

Relaxing in Ein Bokek

Hamme Zohar Tourist Complex, also known as the Zohar Hot Springs Tourist Complex, is located 3km south of Ein Bokek. This site is filled with health spas and hot springs rich in sulphur. They are usually visited by people who have arranged a car rental in Ein Bokek Dead Sea so they can get treatment for muscular ailments, allergies, and joint diseases.

Why it’s best that you rent a car in Ein Bokek Dead Sea

When you’re traveling to Ein Bokek during the summer, you will be experiencing the very hot weather under the desert sun. But when you have chosen to hire a car in Ein Bokek Dead Sea, you can keep yourself cool and comfortable as you travel around to the tourist destinations of the Dead Sea.

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