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Beersheba in Israel, is becoming one of the famous tourist spots. It is among the largest cities of northern Israel. As the capital of Negev, it is also known for its scenic beauty and its success in attracting more and more tourists every year. Backed by some serious efforts of the government, it has emerged as one of the must-visit holiday destinations in Israel. The government is making provisions for better accommodations and efficient transport facilities for tourists. Book a car online, so that you can visit different places in this city with a car for rent in Beersheba.

Get a Car for hire in Beersheba to Explore the Town

Beersheba is recognized as the major chess center of Israel, and today it takes pride in having some of the best chess grandmasters in the world. You will note during your visit that cost of living is quite reasonable in Beersheba, and accommodation and transport facilities are easily accessible. These are some of the reasons why visitors come to Beersheba. It is surrounded by some beautiful neighboring cities, which you can also explore when you travel to Beersheeba. Some of the neighboring cities that you can include in your itinerary are Ofakim, Laqiya, Meitar, Segev Shalom, Abu Tarash, and alSayyed.

Attractive Places near Beersheba

Beersheba hosts some of the most culturally rich tourist sites, such as Museum of Bedouin Culture, Tel Arad, Negev Museum of Art, Zin River, Hatzerim Israel Air force Museum, Bedouin Market, and several other sites. But these places are situated in different corners of the city, and it is not wise to visit them using public transport. So, as a tourist, it is highly advisable for you to rent a car in Beersheba. With a rented car, you can visit all these places with ease and comfort.

Dance All Day and Night in Beersheba

After spending some time exploring the city, shopping and exploring numerous attractive places in Beersheba, you definitely will want to head to some fun-filled spots where you can relax. Well, Beersheba is a home to some excellent bars and restaurants where you can have fun. Go and hire a car in Beersheba online, to access some popular places where you can dine and have drinks, like Sheraton Casa do Brasil, Ahuzat Smilansky, Kamkai, Spaghettim, Mia Kitchen and Liquer, and Waffle bar. Take your loved one along with you and explore these bars and pubs at their best.

Get a Car Rental in Beersheba and Travel with Ease

The transportation facilities in the city are much improved, and this is one of reasons why tourists from different parts of the world come to this city. Cars for rent come in different types to suit your particular need. But whatever type you choose, when you book your car online, you will get it at affordable rates which will be within your budget.

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