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Sligo is a place that will provide you with the break that you need. You can lie down on the sandy beaches or explore your heart out as you move throughout the city, and you will be as fresh and fit as a fiddle by the end of your trip.

The many benefits of getting a car for hire in Sligo

When talking about renting a car for the entire trip, many people would say, why the hassle? Some would also claim that it will only add to the expenses and using public transportation is a much cheaper and feasible option. However, what they do not know of is the trouble they would have to go through when traveling on buses and trains in a foreign land, and as far as money is concerned, you will not be asked to spend more on a rental car than on public transportation. So, what is better? Going through the worst on buses or riding comfortably in your car? Getting a car for rent in Sligo is the best way to travel, because it will not only make your trip more comfortable but also allow you to travel with great ease wherever you want to. Unlike public buses and trains that have a fixed schedule, around which you normally have to plan your trip, your car allows you to be a free spirit. You can go out even in the middle of the night, just because you feel like it. So, you should opt to rent a car in Sligo today before all the cars get booked.

Why Sligo?

Sligo is a beautiful city located in the county of Sligo in Ireland. It is said to be the most densely populated city in the country and gets even more populated due to tourists flying in from all over the world. Sligo, which is translated to a “shelly place,” is located on the northwestern side of Ireland and is full of culture and historical places. Economically, Sligo is one of the main counties of Ireland, because it has the largest commercial port on the west coast. Tourists visit this place not only due to the cultural significance but also due to the cool, mild temperature in the region throughout the year. Even though precipitation and humidity levels are high, the temperature remains cool at all times.

Famous tourist spots in Sligo

A few of the major spots in Sligo are Inishmurray Island where ruins of a monastery established by St. Molaise are found, Sligo Folk Park a great place to go for a picnic with your family amongst the Mrs. Buckley’s cottage and Millview restaurant, Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery, home to the most famous megalithic monuments and buildings of the area and Lissadell House, a mansion filled with Greek architecture, owned by the Gore-Booth family. These are some of the places that tourists love to see when they visit the area, and you should too. Also, remember to hire a car in Sligo if you want to travel with ease.

Opt for a car rental in Sligo to reap the many benefits it provides

With a car rental in Sligo, you can not only enjoy your heart out but also visit nearby places such as Donegal, Boyle, Louth, Cavan, and Monaghan. So, be sure to get a car today to have a memorable trip to Sligo.

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