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Whether you yearn to explore new pieces of land or have a fetish for archaeology and mystic ruins, the town of Rosslare will fulfill your every craving.

Hire a car in Rosslare and make the most of your trip

Rosslare is a small town in the middle of Ireland, and the town’s name translates to “middle peninsula.” The village of Rosslare is found in the Wexford county of Ireland and is said to the be the sunniest spot in entire Ireland, which makes this place one of the most famous tourist attractions in the entire country. Rosslare got its name from a famous harbor nearby, which goes by the name of Rosslare Harbor. You should also come and visit this magnificent, famous place by getting a car for hire in Rosslare.

Why choose Rosslare for your next destination?

Apart from the obvious tourist destinations, why is Rosslare thought to be on the top of the list of most tourists? For the last hundred years, the city of Rosslare is said to receive almost more than 300 hours of sunshine compared to other cities, towns, and villages of Ireland. This, along with the cool temperature and sandy beaches, makes a perfect combination for travelers who fly in from hundreds of miles. The long stretching sandy beaches make it the most famous spot for tourists, and if you love to swim, you should visit the beautiful city and enjoy the peaceful environment. The best way to travel is to get a car for rent in Rosslare.

Important facts about Rosslare

Over the years, the beautiful village of Rosslare has become a famous spot for tourists, which has led to developmental efforts in the region. The town of Rosslare now has a real estate market, with numerous houses up for sale. It also has golf courses built recently and a good amount of restaurants and bars. Rosslare also has the longest sandpit that separates the Wexford Harbor from the sea, although due to storms, part of the pit has been washed away into the sea.

Car rental in Rosslare is the best way to travel

Some of the places that you should definitely visit when you are in the village of Rosslare include Rosslare Fort, Rosslare Blue Flag Beach, Callan Golf Club, and Ferns Castle. It is advised that you rent a car in Rosslare today if you plan to travel to the village. Since travelling on a rental car will provide you with the freedom to take it out at any point of the day or night. You can also travel on whatever route you wish, exploring as you go about and never have to wait in line for the transportation vehicle to arrive at the spot.

A car rental in Rosslare will not only provide you with the comfort, security, flexibility, and privacy that you need while traveling but you will also be able to visit nearby places such as Rosslare Europort, Raheen, New Ross, Monbeg and Monageer.

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