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If you are looking to make the most of your vacation to the beautifully enchanting city of Donegal, you should consider going for car rentals and travelling in a car of your own.

A car for hire in Donegal is the best solution to your conveyance problems

Being the centre for musical show, festivals and poetic gathering, the city of Donegal is visited by numerous tourists throughout the year. Based in the County Donegal in Ireland, the name of the city translates to “Stronghold of foreigners” i.e. the Vikings. In ancient times Vikings migrated from other lands and settled in the area first called Dunagall. The beautiful city borders with the Donegal Bay and the River Eske. The Blackstack Mountains otherwise known as the “Croaghs” also run through this city. If you wish to visit this cultural hub what you need to do is get a car for rent in Donegal, so you can travel around with great ease at your own free will.

Historical facts about Donegal

Captivation and residency in the city of Donegal was seen since prehistoric times. It is believed that St. Patrick came to this region since he has similarity with the people in terms of language and culture. He was the one to turn the first lot into accepting Christianity the town of Donegal became a governmental centre through the fifth century till seventh century. Such rich history and culture has led to the place being full of castles, forts and other archeological ruins. The only way that you can visit this place thoroughly is to rent a car in Donegal.

Major tourist attraction in Donegal

As mentioned above the city of Donegal is the center for various cultural activities and festivals. Apart from that major tourist spots that one should definitely visit include the following; the Isaac Butt Heritage center, which has stored valuable artifacts and historical documenting, the Biddy and Joe’s Cottage which is a cozy, little cottage decorated in the traditional Donegal manner, Fintown Railway which is the only railway present in the county of Donegan, Slieve League; one of Donegan’s tallest and highest sea cliff and the Donegal castle from the era of 1474. These are just a few of the main tourist hotspots of the region, apart from all these, there are numerous other sites to be visited and one should hire a car in Donegal, if you don’t want to miss out on anything.

A car rental in Donegal is perhaps the best option

If you want to travel comfortably and in style, the best way to do so is go for a car rental in Donegal since it will not only provide you with privacy but the flexibility you need during your trip. Your own car will also allow you to visit nearby places such as Enniskillen, Ulsterbus, Lifford, Londonderry and Dublin.

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