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The Republic of Iraq, popularly known as Iraq, is located in western Asia, surrounded by the Syrian Desert, the Arabian Desert and the Zagros Mountain Range. Iraq borders Turkey, Jordan, Iran, Syria, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Iraq was known as Mesopotamia, which was the first civilization the world witnessed. Findings of archaeologists have shown that the region was home to civilizations since the 6th century BC. A major percentage of the country’s economy is funded by the oil sector. Iraq is famous for its maqam heritage that has been passed onto the present generation. Major cities of Iraq include Baghdad, Mosul, Basra, Arbil and Kirkuk. Tourists can take a car for hire in Iraq and visit all the popular tourist attractions.

Book a car for rent in Iraq and visit the capital city

The largest city of Iraq is also the largest and most beautiful city of the country. Founded in the 8th century along the Tigris River, the city evolved as an intellectual and economic center in the nation. Some of the popular places of tourist interest include the National Museum of Iraq, Baghdad Tower, the Republican Palace, Al-Kadhimiya Mosque, the Ishtar Hotel and the Monument to the Unknown Soldier. Besides these, the Baghdadi Museum, Al Saheed monument, Khan Murjan and the Abbasid Palace are other places that people like to visit on their visit to the city. Visitors can hire a car in Iraq and explore the prominent tourist spots in the city.

The port city of Basra

The city of Basra is the country’s prominent main port. This city is also known as the home to Sinbad the Sailor. This city is among the hottest cities of the world, with summer temperatures soaring up to 45 degree Celsius. Some of the famous places of attraction in the city are the Sayyed Ali al-Musawi Mosque, the Hanna-Sheikh Bazaar, the Latin Church, the street of Corniche al-Basra and the Basra Sports city. A large number of tourists also come to this city to shop at the local bazaars.

Rent a car in Iraq and drive to the city of Arbil

Arbil is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. The city houses some of the country’s most exquisite architectural marvels, which were built centuries ago by the rulers of the nation. Prominent tourist destinations in Arbil include Hawler Park, Minar Park, Hawler Citadel and the Great Mosque of Hawler.

Car Rental in Iraq for Leisure Holiday Experience

Iraq is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. You can experience the stunning architecture, culture and age old traditions of the nation on your trip to the nation. Just book a car rental and visit all the places of interest in the country.

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