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No other country fits the definition of diversity better than India, as it is home to numerous ethnic cultures and traditions. India has a great history that is filled with numerous empires and colonial powers coming and going. For this reason, you will find numerous ancient cities and sights of historical importance here. But India has lately become a modern country with numerous attractions and things to do that make it ideal for holidays.

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A fitting way to start your trip in India will be to start from the capital, New Delhi. The city offers two worlds: a modern capital with many Lutyen’s architectures, and the old Delhi which has narrow streets, and includes some of the oldest landmarks in the country. India’s history is marked by the grand rule of the Muslims. The glory of their architecture is one of the highlights of India. One such structure is Qutab Minar in New Delhi. The gigantic tower is 72 meters high, and is one of the best spots to take pictures. Moreover, the city is filled with buildings and mosques made by the Mughal emperors. You can find the Goliath Jami Mosque here that was built in 1656. This mosque took six years to build. You can also visit Red Fort which was built by the emperor Shah Jehan.

Welcome to Bollywood

As soon as you enter the city of Mumbai you will find numerous posters and billboards with Bollywood superstars and beauties looking at you. Formerly called Bombay, the city has much to offer, one of which is the Gateway of India. Designed by George Wittet it was built to pay homage to the visit of King George V when the country was under the British rule. This can be seen from the pillars and windows of the arc that resemble those of a Hindu Temple and Muslim architecture, respectively. Once it was the highest landmark in Mumbai, and today it is an important tourist attraction with many vendors around it selling snacks and souvenirs.

Nightlife in Kolkata

If you love to party and have fun, you will find numerous bars and nightclubs in Kolkata. Formerly known as Calcutta, the city offers you a myriad of options when it comes to partying at night. The city is nowhere near its reputation of being a slow and conservative city, and revels in its own contradictions. Among the many bars and nightclubs found here, the ones that are worth visiting are Roxy bar, Shisha bar, London club, Dublin club, and many more. Hire a car in India so that you can roam around the city at night easily and comfortably.

Get a car for hire in India and have a lot of fun

Upon your arrival at the airport, you can have your rented car there waiting for you. You can contact a car rental in India. With the help of a car for rent in India you can visit the city the way it should be visited. You can travel from one city to another. such as Hyderabad and Lakhnao. This will allow you to make the most of your vacation in India.

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