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Car hire Keflavík International Airport (KEF) information

Car hire Keflavik gives you complete freedom to go around Keflavik in Iceland. The city is located on a peninsula in the Southwest corner. When you visit Keflavik via car hire Keflavik airport, you will be charmed to feel the warmth and friendliness from the local people.

Enjoy the charming Keflavik

Keflavik is connected with the well known city of Reykjavik. The wind of course is quite chilly and the temperature may drop down to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Keflavik has cozy hotels. It is better to go in summer and take part in some excursions that the small town offers. If you are boarded in with car hire Keflavik airport, you can go to excursion spots easily.

See the blue lagoon in Keflavik

The greatest attraction in Keflavik is the Blue Lagoon. It takes approximately 20 minutes to drive from Keflavik International airport to Blue Lagoon. There is plenty of free car parking. You can rent a car in Keflavik airport and visit the Blue Lagoon. There is a geothermal Spa located about midway between Reykjavik and Keflavik airports. It is close to the town of Grindavik.

Best places to visit while traveling in car hire Keflavik

A byproduct of the nearby geothermal power plant, the waters of the Blue Lagoon are rich in Sulphur and silica and other minerals. The water of the Blue Lagoon is known to be very beneficial to people suffering from skin diseases like Psoriasis.

Even in freezing conditions, the water in the lagoon‘s bathing and swimming area remains at around 40 degrees which makes it so enjoyable. Visiting Blue Lagoon is a must in all visitors’ tour program in Keflavik.

Taste the cuisine at Keflavik

As you travel about in a rent a car in Keflavik airport, you would come across some nice restaurants serving traditional food. The restaurants serve mutton, small poultry and fish like haddock, salmon, and a bird called Puffin, which only resides in an island nearby and is served in the restaurants as a local dish. The restaurants also serve sea food.

Keflavik is a unique holiday cum business destination.

With Keflavik airport rental cars, visit the unique vacation and business destination of Reykanesbaer, which is the bigger community of Keflavik now. You should also visit the Reykjanes Heritage Museum showcasing Icelandic homes of the 50’s and representing the American aspect of life. Also worth visiting is the Black Cave of the giantess, opened to visitors in 2008 during the festival night of lights. When you hire car Keflavik airport, make it a point to visit the Geological Park at Pingvellir. It has a great political and cultural significance for this town.

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