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Surrounded by immense natural beauty and a heart full of culture, Honduras is an amazing tourist destination. To the west of Honduras lies Guatemala, southwest is El Salvador, southeast is Nicaragua, and to the south is the Gulf of Fonseca, merging into the Pacific Ocean. The north side of Honduras slopes in to the Caribbean sea, with the outlet being at the Honduras Bay. The country has had a long and struggling history, with invasions from the Spanish and colonisation. Remnants of this history are still seen in the country, as a part of its culture and even architecture.

Get a car rental in Honduras and reel in the slow pace of Utila

Welcoming, slow, and a lot cheaper than the popular destinations in Honduras, Utila is a great place to come to and leave behind the rather touristy towns of Honduras. For the beach lovers, Utila offers a manmade beach called the Bando Beach. You can take a car for hire in Honduras and come to Bando Beach for a relaxing time by the sea. Reggae and hip-hop will keep you company while you make yourself comfortable on the beach chairs. Other attractions in Utila include the Iguana Research and Breeding Station and the Whale Shark and Oceanic Research Center.

Roatan is the place for a vacation

A bay island in Honduras, Roatan is one of the most popular tourist places in the country. Rent a car in Honduras and visit Roatan to really experience natural splendour. There are many activities for tourists around the place, including a dolphin show, ship wrecks, diving, etc. You can visit the Roatan Museum, which showcases the history of Roatan, ranging from pre-historic times to the arrival of Columbus. The Roatan Marine Park is also another beautiful attraction. There are stunning coral reefs surrounding the West Bay area, and at the Roatan Marine Park, you can snorkel or dive into this wonderful beauty.

The first capital of Honduras - Comayagua

Although Tegucigalpa is the present capital of Honduras, Comayagua was the first center of political and spiritual power in the country. This past is still seen in the colonial plazas, old churches, and museums in Comayagua. You can hire a car in Honduras and visit this historical place only to be mesmerised by its striking beauty. The Easter celebrations of Comayagua are well known across the country, so make sure you plan a trip around this time to experience this amazing event. Also worth visiting is the Catedral de la Inmaculada Concepcion. This colonial structure was built between 1685 and 1715, with stunning fine art detailing.

Get a car for rent in Honduras for a great vacation experience

Honduras is full of magnificence and beauty all around. It is a good idea rent a car to travel on the roads in the country to feel the gorgeous air all around you. So come here for a utopian experience, complete with history, culture, and natural wonders.

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