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Thinking of traveling to the city of San Pedro Sula in Honduras? If you are, then car hire San Pedro Sula will definitely be of help in your travels. With its quick and efficient services, car hire San Pedro Sula airport will allow you a swift journey from the airport to around the city. Seeing that the city is only 11km away from the airport, it will be a breeze of a drive to get there.

San Pedro Sula's Story

San Pedro Sula is home to more than 1.1 million people and growing. The city is located in the northwest region of Honduras in the Sula Valley. San Pedro Sula was found back in the 16th century, starting as a colonial mint up till its relocation and the untimely demise of pirate pillages. The whole town moved along down the river and it got busy due to its banana export in the 19th century.

Today, San Pedro Sula thrives on light industry and production of commercial coffee, beef, bananas, tobacco, sugar cane and forestry. Also, the city relies on a considerable amount of tourists for its tourism sector. If you are looking for a place with intriguing market system, then San Pedro Sula is a real discovery for you.

Take A Hire Car San Pedro Sula To Explore The City

You will find that the city has a lot of modern amenities and is less antique and picturesque compared to the other parts of Honduras such as Tegucigalpa, Comayagua, and many others. San Pedro Sula is good for its markets. The markets here are amazing. You can get stuff like jewelry, silver, leather goods and so much more. You also get to experience a whole different culture in trading and bartering.

If you enjoy people-watching, Parque Central is the best venue for this activity. People from all kinds of backgrounds, cultures, hairstyles, outfits, professions or even sexual orientation could be found here. Parque Central is where most of the traffic is at because people need to pass by here to get to their destinations. You will also catch sight of locals or other tourists people-watching here too.

For the adventurous you, San Pedro Sula offers several outdoor activities. You can take a hike at The Cusuco National Park.If you look forward to even more hiking, Taulabe caves can offer you with a fulfilling cave hiking experience. Apart from that, if you are looking forward to water activities, you should definitely get over to Punta Sal National Park where you can swim in their exotic beaches.

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