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Haiti, located in the Caribbean, has quite a few unique accolades. Haiti was the first independent country in Latin America and the first country in the world to have a black-led republic. Although it is prone to earthquakes and hurricanes, Haiti has a beautifully tropical climate that is perfect for a vacation. Sharing its eastern border with Dominican Republic, Haiti is only about 80 kilometers from Cuba, which lies on the north-western side.

Get a car rental in Haiti to visit Port au Prince

Haiti's largest and most modern city, Port Au Prince is also the capital. You can get a car for hire in Haiti and roam around the various points of interest in Port au Prince. The Iron market is a place you must visit to get great deals on everything. It is also known as the Marche de Fer and has been re-built recently following the earthquake. Port au Prince also has a rich history which can be seen in the many historical structures around the city. Haiti was recently hit by a massive earthquake in 2010 and hence many areas in the country are undergoing re-construction or repairs.

Spending a day in Jacmel

This small but interesting town in Haiti has many visitors throughout the year. The major attraction here is the Bassin Bleu. Its picturesque location, where you can dive in clear water and have fun waterfalls, makes this place a must-see in Haiti. Many tourists come here repeatedly to just relax and unwind. You can get a car for rent in Haiti and drive to Jacmel to find Bassin Bleu, which is just a 15 minutes away from this town. Take a guide to help you with the route. Jacmel also has some historical locations and Raymond Beach for some more excitement to complete the day.

The wonder of Cap-Haitien

Cap-Haitien is a little further away from the capital, but you can rent a car in Haiti and drive to it. The Citadel, which was built by Henri Christophe, is one of the major attractions here and worth a visit. The entire place was built by forced labourers who carried big boulders and stones to build every aspect of the Citadel. There are canons and water channels to enable the flow of water to the castle, making it a spectacular building. The city itself has many buildings constructed in the Spanish style, which make for some picturesque views. Cap-Haitien is a laid back city which offers stunning views and excellent hikes for the adventurous traveller.

Hire a car in Haiti for a memorable time

Haiti is a great place for vacationing and you can make it even more fun by hiring a car. There are picturesque views and stunning scenery to keep you company throughout your journey. When here, take some time off to just relax and breathe in the atmosphere to truly understand the spirit of Haiti and its magnificent heart.

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