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Located to the South of Senegal, Guinea-Bissau is a coastal country in West Africa which offers a confluence of West African and Portuguese culture. The country is mostly visited by tourists for its exceptional wild-life and well-maintained and beautiful beaches. The shores are all covered by fishing villages, while the rest of the country is either under forest cover or dusty and dry. Some of the very rare species of sharks, manatees, turtles and hippopotamus are found in the salt-waters of Guinea-Bissau. Some of the island and cities in Guinea-Bissau are Arquipelago Dos Bijagos, Bissau, Gabu, Farim and Bafata.

Hire a car in Guinea-Bissau to explore Arquipelago Dos Bijagos

This place is a confluence of two islands, Bijagos and Arquipelago. The Bijagos islands offer spectacular views with swaying palms, white –powdery sand beaches and cooling breezes. The islanders have a history of pursuits by the Portuguese, but always eluded them as the islands are naturally protected by treacherous sandbanks and swift tides. Archipelago Island is rich in marine life and now has been declared as a biosphere reserve. Rent a car in Guinea-Bissau to visit these two islands that together form national parks.

Visit the capital city of Bissau

Bissau is the largest and the capital city of Guinea-Bissau and is also of great economic and educational importance. It is a major port and an administrative and military centre. One of the main attractions of this city is the Portuguese built barracks of Fortaleza de Sao Jose da Amura, which were built during the eighteenth century. The barracks consist of mausoleum of Amilcar Cabral. The Guinea-Bissau National Arts Institute is also worth a visit. Get a car for rent in Guinea-Bissau to visit these places and more.

Take a tour of Gabo - the market town

This city is mostly populated by the Muslim community and comes across as a very busy market town. The place boasts a well-planned city layout and has wonderfully constructed buildings displaying the beauty of Portuguese colonial architecture. The palm wine of this place is very famous; so is the chicken cafiela. Get a car for hire in Guinea-Bissau to explore the town.

Opt for a car rental in Guinea-Bissau to explore other cities

Some other cities in Guinea-Bissau you can easily explore with a rental car are Bafata, Buba and Bubaque. Bafata is a very pleasant city which is a colonial centre situated on Rio Geba. And Buba which is situated on a tidal river offers pleasures of scenic beauty.

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