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For a country that is so small, Guatemala is really packed with a lot of tourist activities and amazing destinations. Located in Central America, Guatemala is surrounded by Mexico on the west and north, Belize and Honduras on the east, while El Salvador and the Pacific Ocean are to its west. Guatemala literally means the 'place of many trees', a name that was given by the Spanish soldiers during the Spanish conquest of the region.

Drive around Antigua with a car rental in Guatemala

Antigua is unlike all of the rest of Guatemala. It is a booming tourist destination with cleaner surroundings and lovely streets. Antigua is settled between three volcanoes and the streetscapes offer a picturesque setting at every step on the way. You can hire a car in Guatemala to drive through this scenic place enjoying the pleasant weather. Do visit the colonial structures around the city, especially the Arco de Santa Catalina. A defining icon, this place is now what remains of the Convent of St. Catherine that was established in the year 1613.

Uncovering the landscape of Rio Dulce

Rio Dulce has been gaining rapid popularity among tourists for its serenity and stunning views. You can take a car for hire in Guatemala and drive through El Estor to reach Rio Dulce, which means 'sweet river' in English. Here you can visit the Castillo San Felipe de Lara, which was a fort built by the Spaniards in 1652 for protection and defence against pirates. It was later used as a prison and is now a tourist attraction. If you like stone structures and canons then don’t miss this quaint spot.

Beautiful and untouched Nebaj

Nestled in the remote folds of the Cuchumatanes Mountains, Nebaj is a wonderfully beautiful town that is still untouched by modernisation. You can take a car for rent in Guatemala and drive to the north of Scapulas to reach Nebaj. This town is neighbour to other villages like Chajul and Cotzal. Come here to witness the raw lifestyle of its populace. Native Ixil, Mayan descendants, still inhabit the area and cling on to the age old traditions. Nebaj in itself is a tourist attraction because of the people and the un-Guatemala like surroundings.

Experience the best of Central America when you rent a car in Guatemala

A landscape of mountains, presence of the Mayan civilization and the colourful markets make Guatemala one of the must-see places in Central America. The country is now opening up to tourism and adopting safety measures to help more and more tourists to experience its pristine natural surroundings. So if you are looking for a place to have an adventure, make it to Guatemala for your next vacation and arrange to rent a car while you are there. You won't be disappointed!

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