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Antigua is a city in Guatemala. Most of the architecture and heritage of this place is Mexican and Spanish because Guatemala is linked to Mexico in the northern and western region. This city is especially known for its spectacular attractions which are ages old. The tomb like cathedrals, huge brick buildings, and magnificent mountain peaks give you a warm welcome when you step on this bravura piece of land. You can also get a car for hire in Antigua to visit all the mind boggling attractions of this place.

Rent a car in Antigua to view the historical buildings

Once you get a car for rent in Antigua, you can visit all the churches and buildings that speak of the glorious past. La Catedral should definitely be visited when you are in Antigua. There are guides who can give you a complete tour of the church. Other than this, Convento de Santa Clara, El Palacio de los Gobernadores, and Santa Catarina are also mesmerizing and beautiful. You should go and visit them to learn more about the history of this place.

Antigua, a hub of museums

Antigua is filled with galleries and museums. The museums are very informative and are also designed delightfully. The top three Antigua museums are Casa Del Tejido Antiguo, Museo de Arte Colonial, and Museo de Santiago. The Casa Del Tejido Antiguo tells you everything there is to know about textiles and clothes. These clothes and textiles belong to the different eras and areas of Guatemala. The Museo de Arte Colonial is about the colonial arts and works. It also focuses on the idea and festivities of Semana Santa. The third museum, the Museo de Santiago, is related to the colonial prisoners. Many prisons and cells of the colonial era were changed to museums, and this museum showcases the relics of those prisoners.

View the invigorating side of the Antigua

Antigua is not only about museums and cathedrals. This city celebrates life to the fullest and the central park of Antigua is a proof of it. Many tourists as well as the locals gather in this park to sing and dance. Many stalls are set up here – food stalls, palmistry stalls, and handicraft stalls. Bands play stimulating music, and this park is a sight to see on Sundays. The festivities are refreshing and will revitalize your spirits.

Hire a car in Antigua to explore other places

Go through the agencies which offer car rental in Antigua and book your vehicle as quickly as possible. In this way, you will save a lot of money. Once you have a vehicle booked, you can also visit the neighboring cities like Jocotenango, Parramos, El Tejar, Pastores, and Sumpango. So to give yourself the freedom to visit all these exciting places and explore the amazing city of Antigua, you must rent a car and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

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