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Guadeloupe is a territory of France located in the Caribbean; Puerto Rico is located toward northwest of this cluster of islands. The major islands of Guadeloupe are Basse Terre, Grande Terre, Les Saintes, and Marie-Galante. Guadeloupe is often called the Butterfly Islands because of the natural butterfly-like form of its main islands of Basse Terre and Grande Terre, which lie adjacent and are separated only by a narrow strait called the Salt River.

Rent a Car in Guadeloupe and Explore Nature

Each of the islands of Guadeloupe has its unique characteristics and features to offer to tourists. The hilly forested terrain of Basse Terre and the beautiful beaches and shores at Grande Terre and Les Saintes islands all have tremendous appeal of their own for visitors. The splendid waterfalls are a must see on the island of Basse Terre. Most of the islands are mountainous with volcanic origins, except for the rather even limestone-based island of Grand Terre. The transportation system is not very reliable, and most visitors find it convenient to hire a car in Guadeloupe to plan all their excursions.

Nightlife and Shopping

Due to heavy economic reliance on tourism, the local authorities are keen to offer facilities and amenities in all areas of Guadeloupe; nightclubs, malls, bars, and dance halls are abundant on the islands and offer exciting nightlife to the delight of visitors. Sainte-Anne, Le Gosier, and Les Abymes are particularly known for their vibrant nightlife, whereas Baie Mahault and Pointe a Pitre are home to the best shopping areas in Guadeloupe. The romantic beauty of the place, the friendly nature of locals, and the presence of many carefree young tourists the whole year round is a natural cause for a lively nightlife in Guadeloupe.

Hurricane Season

The tropical Caribbean climate of the region brings the hurricane season to Guadeloupe islands; the stormy season is mostly severe during August and September each year. Although many adventure seekers themselves plan to witness the cyclones, tourists, especially families with kids, are better advised to plan their trips to the islands in other months. Sugarcane crops and banana plantations on the islands are routinely affected by the storms during this season, whereas severe hurricanes cause damage to life and property as well.

Book a Car for Rent in Guadeloupe and Visit the Unique Places on the Islands

Popular places to visit in Guadeloupe include the famous graveyard at Morne-à-l'Eau, which has a unique pattern of black- and white-colored tiled graves. A one-of-a-kind sea geyser is located some walk away from Porte d'Enfer, and many visitors take the scenic walk to view the Souffleur. Many tourists are keen to visit the local rum distilleries and engage a car for hire in Guadeloupe to plan the trips, the main attraction being the free rum tasting on offer at the production sites. Whenever you plan to visit the islands, we offer you a comparison of all leading companies through our website so that you can engage the best car rental in Guadeloupe at the most affordable rates. Log on to book your orders now and avail of special benefits at our site.

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