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Greece has always been known for its great history of the Ancient Greek and Romans. The country is also blessed with several islands which are known for their beauty. One of the islands is Thassos which is located in the Aegean Sea. This island is located nearby other popular Greek Islands like Samothraki and Chios. A vacation in this city will give you an exhilarating experience if you hire a car in Thassos.

Useful Car Rental In Thassos

Thassos is a green island which is also popularised by its clean beaches. The highest point of the island is at Ipsario Mountain which is around 1,000 meters high. This mountain is reachable if you use car for hire in Thassos. Those who love outdoor activities especially climbing and hiking will surely have a great memory at Ipsario Mountain. Aside from the mountain, you can also go to other interesting places around the island like the beaches.

Beaches in Thassos

As an island, Thassos is surely blessed with several beaches that are not only beautiful but also equipped with great facilities. Tripiti Beach is one of the most visited beaches inside Thassos. It is a small sandy beach which is unique because of the existence of a natural bathtub here. Located nearby Tripiti are other beaches like Metalia and Pefkari. At Pefkari, you can choose to spend your time at the finely grained sandy beach or flat rocks. Some of the beaches here are also located nearby bars and nightclubs which will surely brighten your nightlife.

Greeks’ Do’s and Don’ts

Greece is a really unique country with a local tradition which is also present in Thassos. You must not show some types of hand gestures that may insult the people here like the ‘Give me five’ gesture and making a ring with your thumb and forefinger. It is also not advisable to only wear swimming clothing while walking on the shores. This is because the Greeks do not really like that. Swimming clothing should only be worn at the beach.

Rent A Car In Thassos Port

There are no airports inside Thassos. Therefore, you will need to come to this island from the mainland. You can get into Thassos from Keramoti, Kavala or Prinos. Use car for hire in Thassos and you can travel to all the interesting places inside the island. Beaches, bars, mountains or forests; there are always something to do at Thassos. Just make sure that you use car for rent in Thassos so that you can travel to all the attractions here.

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