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Belonging to the Cyclades group of Greek islands, Syros is situated around 144 kilometers in the southeastern direction from Athens. Within the Cyclades, it is located between the islands of Tinos and Paros. Historically, Syros was known as Syra, and was inhabited by Phoenicians. During the Middle Ages, Syros was raided by many groups including Arabs, Venetians, Sicilians,and Turks. A mixed influence of their culture is still seen on the island.

Visiting Ermoupolis with a car rental in Syros

Ermoupolis is the main port of Syros and also the capital of all of Cyclades. You can take a car for hire in Syros and reach Ermoupolis, which is located on the eastern side of the island. For travelers who are interested in architecture, Ermoupolis has many buildings exemplifying Neo-Classical and Venetian styles of construction. One of the must-visit places in Ermoupolis is the Miaouli Square. This is one of the best town squares in the whole of Greece and houses a magnificent Town Hall building. The town hall was completed in 1898, and is a stunning neo-classical construction by Ziller, a Bavarian architect.

Relaxing in Kini

Kini is a small fishing village just a few kilometers from the capital. This village in itself is a tourist attraction for its stunning beauty and a slow paced life. If you are a foodie then do take a car for rent in Syros, and head in the western direction from Ermoupolis to gorge on some of the best seafood in Greece, at Kini. Along with seafood, Kini is also known for its multi-coloured sunsets and stunning panoramic views. The Monastery of Agia Varvara is also worth visiting for its school of arts.

Exploring the beautiful town of Ano Syros

Known for its elegant buildings and picturesque views, Ano Syros is a place you must visit when in Syros. It is situated close to the capital and can be easily accessed when you rent a car in Syros. The entire settlement is built in Venetian style and dates back to 1200 AD. The Piatsa is the town’s main activity area and is full of interesting restaurants and taverns. The highest point in Ano Syros is the Catholic Cathedral of Saint George. This beautiful piece of architecture is definitely worth a visit for the view it offers of the town.

Hire a car in Syros for an exciting vacation

Syros is no doubt a striking island that offers a wonderful vacation option. You can come here and be rest assured of having a good time with your family or friends. There are cafes, bars, restaurants, a decent night life, and comfortable accommodations for all kinds of tourists. Syros also has many wonderful beaches where you can spend some relaxing time or indulge in water sports.

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