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Located just off the coast of Asia Minor and in the northeast region of the Aegean Sea, Samos paints a pretty picture with its stunning landscape and traditional houses. Although it is a tourist island fully equipped with busy restaurants, crowded beaches, and a vibrant nightlife, Samos does have a calmer side to it too. There are refreshing alcoves, lively villages, and serene greenery all over the island. Samos has a sunny climate with a high of 31°C in the summers, to a low of 12°C in the winters. There is a heavy influence of the Ionian culture in Samos, which can be seen in its many buildings and art forms.

Take a car rental in Samos to visit Vathy

Located on the eastern portion of Samos, Vathy is the capital of the island, and hence, is one of the most important places here. It has a large port and the population is located around it on the slopes, offering a perfect view of the sea. There are plenty of bars and accommodations available in Vathy. You can take a car for hire in Samos and visit this beautiful town that has some picturesque neo-classical buildings. The Archaeological Museum here is particularly interesting, as it boasts of exhibits from the prehistoric age to the Hellenistic time. The Colossal Kouros is a man statue in the museum that stands 5.5 meters tall and is worth visiting.

Visit the beautiful Karlovassi

The town of Karlovassi is located in the northwestern region of Samos and is the second biggest town on the island. The town has seen affluence in the past due to a flourishing trade. Remnants of this affluence can be seen in the stunning mansions and beautiful churches that dot the town. You can take a car for rent in Samos and drive around this beautiful town for a chance to admire the scenery and beautiful buildings. Karlovassi is also the place where the very first newspaper of Samos was printed. A place worth visiting in Karlovassi is the Monastery of Prophet Elias, which is a 17th century building.

Exploring the town of Pythagorio

Located around 11 kilometers to the south of Vathy, Pythagorion is named after the famous Greek mathematician and scientist Pythagoras. You can hire a car in Samos and drive to its waterfront for a stunning view from the southeastern coast of the island. Fishing boats and yachts are seen on the port, and present a pretty picture for photography enthusiasts. The Monastery of Panagia Spilani is a site worth visiting, as it offers an amazing view of the port and the town.

Rent a car in Samos for an exciting time

Samos has some wonderful beaches that offer unlimited beach fun. You can also hike the hills or just drive around this amazing island. There is an electric nightlife that will keep you busy throughout the evening. For the foodies there is delicious seafood and plenty of other options. So come to Samos not just for a vacation, but also for an experience of a lifetime.

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