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Rhodes Island is part of the Dodecanese group of islands in Greece. It is situated in the northern part of the Aegean Sea in the northeastern direction from Crete and to the southwest of Turkey. The climate here is pleasant and stays mild and sunny throughout the year. Rhodes is also known as the “Island of Roses” due to the large presence of rock roses in the region. On the northern coast of Rhodes are many tourist resorts, while the southern coast is full of beaches and offers related water sports. The island has been inhabited by humans since the Neolithic age and hence, has a rich history, which can be seen in its ancient settlements and architecture.

Driving around Rhodes Town with a car rental in Rhodes

Rhodes Town is the capital of Rhodes and occupies the northernmost part of the island. It is the biggest town in the entire Dodecanese group, and when you come to visit the town, it is a good idea to take a car for hire in Rhodes. One of the major attractions here is the old city or the medieval city. This perfectly preserved city is a testament to the history of the island from the Byzantine times to the Turkish rule. The Palace of Grand Masters and the Collachium building are a spectacular sight. The city has many byzantine churches and stone arches that make it a beautiful place to visit.

Visit the city of Lindos

Located on the eastern coast of Rhodes, Lindos is one of the prettiest places on the island. To reach Lindos, you can take a car for rent in Rhodes and drive toward the southern direction from its capital. The city is situated on a slope from which you can admire its amazing beauty. The acropolis is a major attraction here, but the old theatre of Lindos is worth a visit as well. It has been carved out of rock and it still stands strong. Lindos also has all the comforts to offer a tourist with its great restaurants, bars, and romantic cafes all around.

Hiking in Apolakia

Around 90 kilometers south of Rhodes Town is the beautiful village of Apolakia. Surrounded by olive trees and fantastic vegetation, this village is full of stunning greenery. You can hire a car in Rhodes and drive around the streets of Apolakia, admiring its Italian architecture and traditional buildings. For adventure enthusiasts, Apolakia offers great hiking trails along beautiful landscapes. Another must-visit place in the village is Lake of Apolakia, which has blue water and is ideal for swimming. There is a Byzantine temple nearby which is also worth a visit.

Rent a car in Rhodes for a relaxing vacation

Rhodes is one of the best places you can visit for a vacation that will rejuvenate you completely. The golden beaches, stunning landscape, cobbled streets, and beautiful buildings will make your visit a wonderful experience. Add to this a well-managed tourist infrastructure, and your visit in Rhodes will surely be one of your best vacations.

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