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Preveza is a historic coastal town in the Epirus region on mainland Greece. Its most famous claim to fame is the ancient city of Nicopolis. To be specific, the ruins of Nicopolis located 4.3 miles north of Preveza. These ruins carry great significance in the history of the world, because this is where the Roman Empire began its glorious conquest of the known world. Apart from these and other ruins and historic attractions, Preveza also happens to be a popular seaside resort with miles and miles of beaches and bays to enjoy. Not to mention pine forests, lakes, rivers and marshes for recreation and nature exploration. You will need to rent a car in Preveza if you want to see even a tiny fraction of all these attractions.

Get a Car for Hire in Preveza to Visit Nicopolis

A decisive naval battle fought here at Actium in 31 BC wiped out the last remaining Hellenistic Kingdom. The winner was Octavian Augustus, and he created Nicopolis as the "City of Victory" and this was how the Roman Empire began its glorious arc that eventually brought the entire world under its yoke. You can still see the city's old walls and the Roman Odeon, Baths, a Stadium, the Augustus Monument and a villa. Assuming you did hire a car in Preveza, a 10 minute drive on Route 18 will take you to Nicopolis.

Beach Holiday Guide for Preveza

Preveza offers 37 miles of sandy beaches, bays, peninsulas and secluded coves fronting the Ionian Sea coast. If you are visiting Nicopolis, you can start with the Kyani Akti Beach right on the tip of the peninsula. The beach at Parga is a popular tourist haunt and also a good place for water sports. Loutsa is a beautiful beach with turquoise waters and fine sands. The beach fronting Valtos Bay surrounded by olive grooves also makes for good postcard pictures. All put together, visitors can pick and choose from amongst 17 beaches and there will be hardly enough time to visit each one, let alone spending a day on each beach.

Visiting Towns and Attractions Near Preveza

Apart from Nicopolis and the beach resort towns you find along the coast like Parga, there are a few more places you simply must visit. One is Aktion, which you can reach via the undersea Aktio-Preveza Immersed Tunnel in less than 15 minutes. You might also enjoy a visit to Ziros Lake near Pantanassa, which is about 45 minutes away. If you are really in the mood for an exciting but long day-trip or overnight stay, Athens is only about 5 hours away.

How to get a Car for Rent in Preveza

There are six agencies providing a car rental in Preveza for passengers at the Aktion Preveza Airport (PVK), which is actually on the other side of the undersea passage from Preveza. There is one agency actually located in Preveza proper. You can compare the whole lot online, choose the best deal on offer and book your car right now to ensure there will not be any hassles after you land up in Preveza.

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