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Located in the Aegean Sea just west of Paros, Naxos is home to Mount Zeus, the highest mountain in the Cyclades. Its fertile land has made agriculture one of the main occupations on the island. There are plenty of beaches around the island that attract a steady stream of tourists from all over the world. Greek mythology mentions Naxos as the place where Dionysus got married and Zeus was raised. The Venetians also came here and left an indelible footprint through their architecture.

Visiting Naxos town with a car rental in Naxos

The capital of the island, Naxos town, is a beautiful place studded with Venetian buildings and a strong local flavour. Located on the western coast, you can get a car for hire in Naxos and drive to the various tourist attractions. Right on top with a spectacular view of the city is a Venetian Castle, which is a landmark. Pentagonal in shape, this castle was built in the classic Venetian style after being commissioned by Marco Sanudo, who made this his home and administrative headquarters. The arrival point for many tourists, Naxos town is fully equipped with tourist infrastructure and has many wonderful places to eat.

Roaming around the mountains of Apiranthos

Located around 30 kilometers to the east of Naxos town, Apiranthos is truly a beautiful site. Living up to its name, which means ‘plenty of flowers’, Apiranthos is a lovely town with green valleys and pretty houses. You can take a car for rent in Naxos and check out the most interesting museum of its kind in Greece, the Geological Museum of Naxos. This place boasts of more than 2,000 exhibits of rare stones, minerals, and fossils from all around the world. Also located close by is the Archaeological Museum, which makes for an interesting visit as well.

Exploring the town of Apollonas

Almost 50 kilometers away from the Naxos town, Apollonas is located in the northern region of the island. Primarily a fishing village, Apollonas has a nice quaint beach as well. You can rent a car in Naxos and head to this village to see the half-finished statue of a kouros. This is a 6th century B.C. sculpture that was believed to have been representing the god named Dionysus. The statue lies on the ground, as it was discovered, and is about 11 meters in length.

Hire a car in Naxos for a fabulous vacation

Visiting this green island with its stunning landscape does take some time. So come here with a few days in hand, arrange for a rental car, and drive around at a slow pace and take in the scenery. This attractive place will have you spell bound and before long you will find yourself making plans for a second Naxos vacation.

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