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Located between the islands of Naxos, Paros, Syros, and Tinos, Mykonos covers an area of around 85 square kilometres. Tourism is an important industry here, and the nightlife of Mykonos is famous across Europe. The earliest known inhabitants on the island were the Carians, who were followed by Ancient Egyptians, and then by the Phoenicians and Ionians. Mykonos also has a mention in Greek mythology as being the place where battle between the Titans and Zeus had ensued.

Sightseeing in Chora with a car rental in Mykonos

Chora, also known as Mykonos town, is located on the western coast of the island. It is also the capital and one of the most beautiful places on the island. You can take a car for rent in Mykonos and visit the 16th century windmills at Chora. These iconic structures are known around the island and offer a spectacular view of Little Venice. This small district on the island is just perfect for a romantic evening. The beautiful two storey medieval houses with colourful balconies offer a splendid setting for a drive or a walk. Little Venice is also known to have one of the best sunsets on the island.

Visiting Ano Mera

Located just 8 kilometers to the east of Chora, Ano Mera is the only inland settlement on the island. It is also the second largest town in Mykonos. Untouched by the tourism havoc of the capital, Ano Mera is a quaint town where friendly locals go about their daily lives. You can get a car for hire in Mykonos and head to Panagia Tourliani. This is a monastery which is worth a visit for its marble fountain and a splendid bell tower. It also houses painting of a Cretan painter and a variety of holy vestments.

Driving around the suburb of Glastros

When you rent a car in Mykonos and drive in the southern direction, you will come across the beautiful town of Glastros. The beaches here are stunning with clear blue water, and you can just walk up to the main town from here. The southern region of Mykonos is known for its beaches, and Glastros is the best place to stay if you love to be around one. There are beautiful summer houses and the town is located near the airport for easy access.

Hire a car in Mykonos for the perfect island experience

Mykonos is no doubt one of the most desirous vacation places in the entire world. If you have seen the postcards then you know exactly what it is like. Add to this an amazing tourist infrastructure, vibrant nightlife, friendly locals and historical treasure troves, all of which will be easier to enjoy with a rental car, and you sure to have one of the best island holidays of your lifetime.

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