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Located in Rhodes, Greece, Lindos is, without a doubt, one of the most talked-about tourist getaways out there. Built almost 2500 years ago, Lindos is home to not only historical monuments but also a culture that defines it. Almost 55 kilometers south of the town of Rhodes, Lindos has some of the finest beaches, restaurants, and a nightlife to die for, and all of its attractions make it very popular among tourists.

Rent a car in Lindos to go places

Apart from what is inside Lindos, you also need to look at what is around it. With a history as rich as the Island of Rhodes, you must go sightseeing. But, all these will be possible if you get the service of car rental in Lindos. Visit the castles, which were built way back in the fourteenth century by the knights of St. John, and relive that history. This will not only be an experience of a lifetime but will also show you the true power of the knights and let you unfold history in front of your own eyes. In addition, getting a car for hire in Lindos will not only give you easy transportation but will also help you explore the neighboring cities of Faliraki, Kolymbia, Péfki, Kalithea, and Lardos, each of which holds promising adventure for you.

Visit the St. Paul’s Bay

St. Paul’s Bay has is believed to have special powers and will heal you to the core. It is almost always very peaceful and gives tourists time to relax and loosen up to release all the tension from their stressed-out bodies. A compact tavern offers mouthwatering snacks and amazingly refreshing drinks to travelers who come to visit the place and also serves champagne. St. Paul’s Bay is also very famous for beautiful weddings, because it is extremely serene. Who doesn’t want a serene wedding, right?

Nightlife in Lindos

Nightlife in Lindos is best described in one word: legendary! Not only are the people in Lindos really friendly, but they also know how to have a good and fun-packed time. There are many bars in Lindos, with English being a popular language, so you won’t have a problem with communication when you are there. The people will make you feel like a local, so you can party hard without feeling like an outsider.

Hire a car in Lindos to visit the beaches

Lindos has perfect beaches, with a feel that can be experienced nowhere else. When in Lindos, do visit the Afantou Beach, the Tsampika Beach, and Lindos Beach, because all three have their own special qualities. To get to all these three beaches and to explore everything else that the city has to offer, you need a car for rent in Lindos. Having a rented car not only gives you the freedom to travel but also saves a lot of money from being spent on cabs and buses. Apart from having perfect waters and waves, these beaches are sandy, rocky, and comfortable. No matter what your mood is like, these beaches are bound to make you feel refreshed and renewed.

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