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Located beyond the western border of Turkey, Kos is one of the islands of the Dodecanese. Surrounded by the Aegean Sea, the island is almost as popular as Rhodes Island. Kos also has a rich history and is mentioned in Roman mythology as one of the places visited by Hercules. The island has been ruled by the Romans, Venetians, and British in the past, before finally being handed over to Greece in 1947.

Take a car rental in Kos to visit Kardemena

Kardamena is a nice city equipped with all modern amenities for a tourist. Travellers will have a jolly time in this modern tourist resort town that has many attractions and lovely beaches. You can take a car for hire in Kos and drive through the city, viewing its lovely beach houses and gardens. Travellers interested in archaeology will definitely like the place, for there is a sanctuary for Hercules and Apollo here along with a marble temple that dates back to the third century B.C. There are plenty of opportunities for water sports and swimming along the coastline, and a daily excursion will take you to the hot thermal spring in Agia Irini.

The historical town of Antimachia

Antimachia is located around 23 kilometers from Kos. You can take a car for rent in Kos and drive to this traditional town, which hosts many tourists on a regular basis. Mainly dependent on agriculture and tourism, Antimachia has many ancient buildings. The House of Antimachia, a typical representation of a 20th century traditional house, is a must-visit sight if you are interested in architecture and history. Exactly opposite is an old windmill called the Milos tou Papa. A little further away from the village in the north-eastern direction is a 14th century medieval castle that houses two old churches.

Discovering the best of Kos in Mastichari

Located to the west of Kos, Mastichari is known to have the best waters in the entire island. White sandy beaches and turquoise blue waters are characteristic to the place, giving an impression of being somewhere near the Pacific Ocean. Mastichari beach has windsurfing, swimming, and other water sports for you to enjoy. You can rent a car in Kos and head to one of its major attractions, the ruins of an old Christian Basilica. Also worth seeing is the local festival dedicated to St. John, which takes place on 29th August. This colourful event brings out the best in the village and can be a good experience.

Hire a car in Kos for an amazing vacation

The island of Kos is an ideal place for a relaxing time with your friends or family. There are many accommodation options and restaurants that are known to pamper tourists with their local delicacies and memorable hospitality. So arrange for a rental car and plan a vacation to Kos for an experience of a lifetime.

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