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Formerly part of the Ionian Islands, Cythera is a most beautiful island in the Attica region of Greece. For many centuries, the island’s strategic location at the mouth of the Aegean Sea, led it to become a region associated with trade and conquest. Today, Cythera represents the simplicity and virgin beauty of a time long gone.

Why Hire a Car in Cythera…

Cythera is accessible to visitors via air and sea travel. One can fly into the region to land at the Cythera Island National Airport, which entertains direct flights from cities like Athens and Amsterdam. The other option is to arrive via a shipping vessel at any of the three main ports of the Island – at Agia Pelagia, Diakofti and Agia Patrikia. What is important to note here is that the public transportation system is not very well-developed here. Thus, it is recommended that tourists get a car for rent in Cythera since all the must-see sites are scattered across the island necessitating a fair amount of traveling.

Lovely Beaches

The island of Cythera is blessed with some of the most spectacular beaches possible. Over 30 in number, these beaches have characteristic crystal-clear blue waters, which are ideal for activities like swimming, diving and fishing. The best part of the beach experience in Cythera is that the beaches are not crowded at all, which is a welcome divergence from the jam-packed beaches of popular beach-towns. One can find and enjoy the tranquility of the most secluded beaches, sunbathing and picnicking as they wish. Those who rent a car in Cythera can drive across the various beaches to identify their favorite.

From Times Long Gone

Cythera has collected some awe-inspiring cultural wealth from its past which finds expression in the numerous exhibits that open to the public for visits and viewing. It is thus necessary for one to get a car for hire in Cythera for these sites span distances that cannot be covered on foot with much ease. The island has two museums, namely the Byzantine Museum and the Archeological Museum of Kythera, as well as three cave sites – Cave of Kalamos, Cave Chousti and Cave of Milopotamos – all very unique and worth visiting. It also has four castles from different historic periods, one each at Chora, Milopotamos, Paleochora and Avlemonas, all of which are extremely well-preserved. To get a true picture of Cythera’s inherent beauty, one must surely visit these historic sites!

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The island of Cythera is a lovely spot for a vacation, especially for those who enjoy serene, mellow surroundings over the hustle-bustle of city-life. So, if the alluring Greek island has you enchanted, make rental bookings here for your upcoming holiday now – the quicker, the better!

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