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Located in the Mediterranean Sea to the south of Greece, Crete is a wonderful place for a vacation. Almost one fourth of the tourist population that comes to Greece, visits Crete. This amazing island has a rich history and mythological legends attached to it. Culturally, it is known for is Mantinades music and poetry along with the traditional dance of Pentozali. In the pre-historic era, Crete was known to house animals like the dwarf elephants, dwarf deers, and dwarf hippopotamus.

Enjoy Rethymno with a car rental in Crete

Rethymno is a picturesque town with a welcoming Venetian Fortress, houses with wooden balconies, a maze of narrow streets, and baroque-styled monuments. You can rent a car in Crete and travel through this delightful city enjoying its restaurants, resorts, beaches, and a lot more. The Fortezza in Rethymno is one of the most visited sites in the city. This 16th century establishment has huge walls and is located in the area that was an old acropolis. A mosque and a church are housed inside while outside its gates is an archaeological museum. During the summer season, the Fortezza becomes a concert performance venue for the Renaissance festival.

The exotic city of Hania

Chania's beauty lies in its Venetian quarter that rolls out into a brilliant harbour. The city has some ruins and restored Venetian houses that are now restaurants. Hania’s exotic charm stems from its former Turkish rulers that left their rich legacy. You can take a car for hire in Crete and drive through one of its most scenic routes from Hania to Samaria Gorge. Do visit the Chapel of Metamorfosis Sotiros, which is a 14th century building with frescoes from the same era.

The lovely and modern city of Iraklio

The capital of Crete, Iraklio is also known as Heraklion. This modern and dynamic city is unlike the other charming places in Crete. A vibrant city center, lively cafes and interesting restaurants are the trademarks of Iraklio and pose a inviting façade. A gateway to Crete, Iraklio gets thousands of visitors every year. You can take a car for rent in Crete to visit one of its major attractions near Iraklio, the ruins of Knossos. Also worth visiting is the Archaeological Museum of Iraklio which is only second best to the one in Athens. Dedicated to the artefacts of the Minoan culture, this place is a must-visit to understand the Cretan civilization.

Hire a car in Crete for a fun time

With a thousand kilometer coastline, it is little surprise that Crete is one of the best island vacations that you can have. Water sports, history, luxurious resorts, and a delightful culture makes it a complete package for a fun vacation. So, find the affordable and cheap car hire to help you explore this beautiful destination at your own leisure.

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