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Corinth is a city in Peloponnese, Greece, located less than 50 miles from the capital Athens. The city dates back to 6000 BC and has ancient ruins, including the Sacred Spring, the Temple of Apollo, and the Acropolis, as proof of its heritage. All these sites are in Old Corinth. The city that was built around these ruins was completely destroyed in a quake in 1858. The city and its people then moved to the coast facing the Gulf of Corinth. This is the New Corinth, with its port, an impressive canal and plenty of tourist facilities. Tourists coming for day trips from Athens must stop first in New Corinth and then drive to the Old Corinth. So, they will have to get a car for hire in Corinth to see the old city and other nearby destinations.

Where to Get a Car for Rent in Corinth

There is one agency offering car rental in Corinth for visitors. It comes in pretty handy if you do not have your own vehicle when you arrive in New Corinth from Athens and then find that you have to go to Old Corinth. You could, of course, get a vehicle from one of the 13 agencies in Athens. It would be a lot easier, and you might actually enjoy the short drive from Athens to Corinth.

Athens to Corinth Road Trip Directions

It will take you about 1 hour and 10 minutes to get from Athens to Corinth on Route 8. You will be going past the historic island of Salamis opposite Megara, which is somewhat similar to Corinth as an ancient Greek city-state. You will also be crossing the Corinth Canal at Isthmia before reaching the city of New Corinth. From here, you can take a 15-minute drive on Argos to reach the 8000-year-old city and its ancient ruins.

Ancient Attractions of Old Corinth

There is a lot to see at the archeological dig site in Corinth. Among the top attractions is the Temple of Apollo. Do not miss the Acropolis high up above the city or the Sacred Spring at one end of the Agora, which was the old market. The Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth is another must-visit attraction.

Rent a Car in Corinth to Explore Peloponnese

When you hire a car in Corinth or Athens, it is not just for visiting the ruins in Corinth. Corinth is the gateway into the Peloponnese region, and there is a whole new world to explore inside. You can visit Lake Stymphalia about an hour further inland into Peloponnese. Or, you could head toward Argos and the famous Argolic Gulf resort in Nafplion. Another option is a nice 2-hour drive along the coast to Patras, the cultural capital of Western Greece.

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