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Marked for its olive and figs, breathtaking scenery, and masti is a Greek island called Chios. It is the fifth largest island in Greece that is set in the Aegean Sea. Many tourists visit this island in order to explore the beautiful attractions such as medieval villages and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Others head to Chios in search of beaches and for enjoying beach activities. Two significant beaches of the island are Vroulidia Beach and Glari Beach. If you are also considering a visit to the island, then it is recommended that you get a car for hire in Chios and head to cities like Mesta, Olympi, and Pyrgi.

Make Your Way to Mesta with Car for Rent in Chios

Mesta is a preserved village that has narrow streets. Far from the sea, this village houses a variety of attractions. Older Taxiarchi is the major attraction of the village that must be visited to activate ones soul and senses. The castles are the highlight of this village which will give you an out of the world experience. With its unique architecture, Mesta is going to charm you. It is best to arrange for a car rental in Chios

Consider a Visit to Olympi for Sightseeing

Built in 14th century is a medieval village of Olympi that is also 6km away from Pyrgi. It is situated in the treeless valley and features gray houses all around. Trapeza is a monument that must be explored when in Olympi. Just a few miles away from Olympi is a picturesque beach called Kato Phana. And on the way of this beach, you can even find Phanaios Apollo temple’s ruins. So while planning your trip to Chios, make sure you add Olympi in your itinerary.

Conclude Your Trip at Pyrgi

Pyrgi is a fortress like spot that has narrow streets. It is packed with arches, monuments, and beautiful houses. Also the village is known for its myriad of churches and eye-catching buildings. One of the prime churches of the city is Agia Apostoli. It is a striking church that must be explored by the travelers.

Hire a Car in Chios & Travel Around

Chios is a stunning island that has a lot of attractions to explore. For the same, you can rent a car in Chios and drive down to the nearby cities, localities, and surroundings of the city. It is even better if you can make arrangements for car hire well in advance in the island so as to ensure a hassle-free trip!

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