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Chalkidiki is a region in Greece. It is a peninsula that is located in the region of Central Macedonia. Chalkidiki is divided into five municipalities: Polygros, Sithonia, Kassandra, Aristotelis, and Nea Propontida. The region is known for its ancient sites, as well as its beautiful beaches. Chalkidiki is also one of the first Greek settlements, with settlers living in the peninsula as early as 8th century B.C.

Book for a Car for Hire in Chalkidiki and Enjoy Greece

The Greek civilization played a very important role in the history of mankind. It was the basis of our current civilization, and different cultures sprung out of it. Nowadays, Greece may not be as powerful as it used to be, but it still remains as one of the most beautiful and historically important places in the world. Aside from all the historical and cultural artifacts that you’ll find in the country, you can also enjoy its beaches, such as those in Chalkidiki. Book for a car rental in Chalkidiki and explore the region. You’ll surely have a wonderful time in this beautiful place.

Explore Chalkidiki’s Ancient Sites

Just like most of the other regions of Greece, Chalkidiki is home to several ancient sites. Book for a car for rent in Chalkidiki and learn more about Greek history and civilization while on vacation. Some of the sites that you should visit are Apollonia, Cleonae, Neapolis, and the Palaiochori Castle. Apollonia was the capital of the region and was an important city. It was destroyed during the war. Palaiochori, on the other hand, is home to several churches. It was settled as far back as the 5th century B.C.

Take a Trip Down to Polygros

Polygros is the main town in Chalkidiki. It has a population of less than 7000, making it an ideal spot for a peaceful and relaxing vacation. Hire a car in Chalkidiki and spend a day of your vacation in Polygros. The town is home to the Archaeological Museum of Polygros, where you’ll find several important artifacts of the town’s past. Polygros is also home to several festivals such as a festival held in honor of the Virgin Mary. You can drop by the Folklore Museum and get a glimpse of how the people in Polygros celebrate music and dance.

Rent a Car in Chalkidiki and Have a Blast

Aside from the historical and cultural sites, Chalkidiki is known for its beaches. You shouldn’t miss the chance of taking a dip in the beautiful beaches in the area. Have a wonderful time as you relax and explore in and around the city with your car on hire. If you haven’t been to Greece, then now is the perfect time to visit.

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