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Are you going to Myriana for a trip any time soon? If you are, take a satisfactory trip here with the help of car hire Myriana! Car hire Myriana airport offers a wide range of car selections that can be booked right now for your convenience.

Backstory OnMyriana

Myriana is a city on the western part of Lemnos Island which is a part of the North Aegean Greece . It has a population of just a little over 7,400 people making it a pretty low populated area. The city is built by the bay and a promontory of the island separates it into two, where you can find the Venetian castle’s ruins on the protrusion. The current Myriana is made up by a pretty common economy of a small town.

Sights of Myriana

Myriana can prove to be quite a beautiful small town with a great view over the promenade. You can take a walk by the promenade and bask in the sounds of the boats rocking on the waters and look out into the distance promontory of the island while feeling the wind brush against your skin. Hire car Myriana airport to take advantage of getting around this enchanted town easily.

After an idyllic relaxation session by the promenade of the town, visit the parts of the town that have been divided by the locals. There are 4 parts available, with the first being Kastro, named due to the Castle on top of the promontory, followed by Androni, Tchas and Nea Madetos. The many parts of the town can be accessed by road, so drive around to discover the town’s offerings.

The town’s streets are all paved by stone and the town’s features of the town inclined in the neoclassical style. Make sure to drop by the Roman Shore, which is the main attraction of Myrina, while you’re in town to bask in its beauty. The Roman Shore’s beauty is further enhanced by the collection of neoclassical houses along the shore line. Rent a car in Myriana airport to drive along the beautiful coast.

The town’s own castle that overlooks the community is a great view to look upon at night from the Turkish Shore. Treat yourself with dinner at one of the local fish taverns while enjoying the awesome sight. If you’re there during the warmer months and drier days, you are in for a pleasant surprised as Myriana hosts a number of musical and theatrical events outdoors in the summer.

Myriana airport rental cars are ready for you, are you? Book one for yourself right now to enjoy the town.

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