Corfu I. Kapodistrias Airport (CFU)
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Thinking of paying a visit to Corfu, the second largest Ionian island? Then make full use of car hire Corfu while you are there. As a mode of transportation, car hire Corfu airport will make sure you get the most out of your travels.

Knowing Corfu

Corfu is the second largest island of the Ionian Islands and is home to more than 109,000 people. The main economy of this island is olive oil trade though it used to export citron too as a major trade. The island only recently broke free from the long reign of Venice’s ruling now belongs to Greece. There is much to discover on this island and you will get the most out of if you hire car Corfu airport to tour the island.

Venturing Out Into The City

Drive to the Old Town where you can be amazed by the myriad of streets. The cobblestones streets are best known among locals as kantounia which might be a little too narrow for your car. You can park somewhere nearby and take long walks along these streets and experience a great escape in this picturesque town.

The old citadel Palaio Frourio, which literally means “old citadel” is a sight that you should not miss out on while you are here in Corfu. The citadel is originally a fortress that was built on a manmade islet which was fortified to stand, though recently it eroded slightly. The citadel is used today as a cultural centre for events such as concerts, and reproduction of historical events by using sound and lights. The middle part of the fortress is the main characteristic of the building that stands out like a big obelisk. Rent a car in Corfu airport to visit this place.

If the old does not suit you, you can always visit the Neo Frourio which is the New Citadel. The new citadel is located on the north eastern side of the city. Now you can marvel at the beautiful medieval corridors and walks as it used to be closed to the public. You will be able to notice the huge walls surrounding the New Citadel as you pass through a road that leads you to the New Port.

Corfu airport rental cars will be able to serve the purpose of your trip and enhance your mobility and movement in the city. Book today to avoid any regret during your stay in this marvelous city.

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