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The mystic city of Worms in the Rhineland-Palatinate region lies on the banks of the mighty River Rhine in the most famous wine area. Being the oldest city in Germany, Worms has played a key role in the country’s’ history.

A car for hire in Worms is a great way to enjoy the highlights

After arriving at the Frankfurt Airport, car for rent in Worms will hand over your requested car for the 70 km trip to your holiday destination. The benefits of having a rental car ensure that you can travel in comfort, safety and at your own convenience. Worms offers some outstanding landmarks and its surrounding area is even fuller of diverse attractions.Plus being in a great wine area you will surely enjoy a memorable vacation. The citizens are very warm hearted and like to have a chat, offering you some valuable inside information about upcoming events.

Explore the ancient town

Rent a car in Worms and drive along the medieval city walls before continuing by foot to the main sight, one of Germany's three imperial cathedrals on the Rhine, dating back to 600 AD. A must is the Nibelungen Museum, where you get a set of headphones for a fantastic show, listening to the mystical story written by the star composer Richard Wagner. Get in touch with the world famous reformer Marin Luther before crossing the historic Rhine Bridge and have a rest in one of the outdoor restaurants on the river bank for some fine local delicatessen. Don’t forget to visit the splendid park and the manor-house in Herrnsheim for a relaxed afternoon.

Tour the nearby jewels

Hire a car in Worms and cruise through the wonderful wine region and stop at one of the rural villages and get a taste of the exquisite products. Maybe buy some bottles as a gift for your friends at home, ‘shhh’ it’s cheaper than in the wine shops in the towns. The city of Oppenheim with the absolute fantastic church of Saint Catherine is another stop worth. After climbing numerous stairs you will be awarded with a terrific view from the main church tower. Don’t miss the City beneath the city, one of the main attractions. Another gem is the ever fun loving city of Mainz which is not only famous for its outstanding historical and architectural highlights but as well for the over 40 annually held festivals. It will give you an absolutely great time. The final jewel in the already fantastic crown is Heidelberg with its cobble stone streets and squares which are rimmed by fantastic old buildings and houses. High above is the main highlight towering over the old town, the breath taking castle with its beautiful gardens.

You will have a memorable time on your vacation with a car rental in Worms

Worms and its surroundings are surely one of the most outstanding areas in whole Germany.You will highly appreciate to have your own rented car to tour this astonishing region.

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