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Wolfsburg is a city in the Lower Saxony area, Germany. Founded in 1938 as the Nazis' City of the Volkswagen’ to house the workers of the newly opened factories for assembling the ‘people's car’.

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After your arrival at the Hannover Airport, car for rent in Wolfsburg will supply you with the car of your choice. The city still houses the main headquarter of the Volkswagen AG, although its most famous model, the ‘Beetle’, is no longer produced here. Wolfsburg has not many attractions to offer but even the few are worth a visit and the surrounding nature is just amazing. Tour the nearby medieval towns which have an unbelievable variety of historical and architectural heritages, great culture, shopping and fantastic nightlife, waiting to be explored. You will have an unforgettable time in this astonishing part of Germany.

Have a look around

Rent a car in Wolfsburg and drive to the huge open air museum dedicated to automobiles which houses the Phaeno Science Center and a planetarium. The fantastic Art Museum has an excellent exhibition of modern and contemporary art. But if you love football, then you surely will have a terrific time cheering the VfL Wolfsburg, winner of the 2009 Football Premiere League in Germany For nature enthusiasts there are six nature reserves nearby. Spend at least some time in one of them for a few hour hike through fantastic landscapes.

The historical tour

Hire a car in Wolfsburg and have an easy drive to the city of Bremen. It is a perfect example of what’s called small and beautiful; ‘shh’, don’t mention it to the locals; most visitors call it a town and not city. The old part can easily be traversed on foot. The main landmark is the cathedral with its splendor, the old Town Hall with the statue of its protector Roland and the Schnoor area where it’s narrow cobble stone street, lined with fantastic old houses and buildings is a dream. By the way, here you will find the world’s smallest hotel. And don’t forget to buy a souvenir of the famous ‘Town Musicians of Bremen’, a fairy tale from the Grimm Brothers. Continue your trip to Hamburg, Germany’s biggest port. Join in for a boat trip along its many canals to get a glimpse of the terrific city. Party one night in this vibrating place where the most famous pop group, The Beatles, entertained in the 1960’s to its younger citizens. The grand finale should be in Germany’s most famous city, Berlin. With over 1,000 years of history, shown in numerous buildings and monuments, together with a fantastic culture, terrific nightlife and shopping, you will take this city into your heart.

You can have a successful tour with a car rental in Wolfsburg service

This is just a short description of a splendid triangle tour but there are so many varieties you can add on, the list is endless. Come and see it with your own eyes and make sure you have the comfort and safety of a rented car which is so easy to book online with great discounts before you arrive!

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