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Travemünde, Germany is a seaport located by Trave River in Lubeck Bay in the district of Schleswig-Holstein. Travemünde began as a fortress which was built by Henry the Lion during the 12th century to guard the mouth of the Trave. Travemünde is a seaside haven for beach lovers and has the largest ferry port in Germany by the Baltic Sea. Cities located near Travemünde are Eutin, Luebeck, Hamburg, Molfsee and Plon.

Car for hire in Travemünde to explore the city!

Hire a car in Travemünde to take you and your family to the majestic and exquisite sandy beaches this vacation seaside resort city is known for. There is so much to do with your car rental in Travemünde! Start your tour off the city by visiting the “Old Lighthouse” which is the oldest lighthouse in the Baltic Coast and also has a maritime museum inside. Then, see the town's trademark The “Passat” which is a Barque and is a sister ship to the “Beijing” in New York. You can also know more about the history of the Baltic Sea by going to the special education center and end your tour by treating yourself to the view of a wonderful seaside sunset! You can also take the boat tours that will give you more than a smell and whiff of the balmy sea air. On board these boat tours you can do a little shopping and cruise dining that is an interesting experience in itself.

Untamed Travemünde

With its untamed nature, visit Travemünde’s Brodtener bluff, which has a unique geological feature called Scarp. This phenomenon is characterized by the sand receding further to the sea. This is also Germany’s only “bathing jetty for dogs” so you and your 4 legged best friend can enjoy a day together!

Travemünde today

This very historic town beside the Baltic is home to great beaches and sights. Travemünde today offers you luxury in laid back style. This small town has experienced a visible transformation through the years. Now, its shores have been lined with beautiful hotels, casinos, spas and restaurants wherein you can enjoy the town and its sunset. There is also a great variety of entertainment places as well as restaurants and dining places where you can try all the local delicacies and a speciality is when it is wintertime they serve up a really hot punch that will warm you up belly out!

Rent a car in Travemünde to ensure a great stay!

Travemünde’s shoreline can be majestic but a car for rent in Travemünde can give your vacation the perfect touch for you and your family to enjoy Travemünde to the fullest with safety, privacy and freedom to go around the town.

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