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Strausberg likes to call itself the green city by the lake. That is not so far off the mark, since it is indeed perfect for a lake holiday or weekend getaway in Brandenburg about 20 miles east of Berlin. It is a beautiful place for nature lovers with the Straus Lake and the Strausberger Forest across the lake. The city itself dates back to 1240 and still has some remnants of its centuries of history, but most of it got flattened by Allied bombers during WWII. They do have a nice historic Church, a museum and ancient city walls for history buffs. You will need to get a car for hire in Strausberg if you want to see the town, its lakeside attractions and other towns nearby.

Rent a Car in Strausberg for a City Tour

You can start with a visit to the town hall from 1819 and the old and venerable Gothic structure of St. Mary's Church from 1250. They also have a very nice heritage museum which is worth a visit to see the 100 year old building, if nothing else. Another 100 year old attraction is the Strausberger ferry – the only ferry in Europe with an electric trolley. The ferry connects the city with the other bank of the lake and the Strausberger Forest. Assuming you have already got a car for rent in Strausberg, you might also want to see the historic stone city walls which still surround the old town area.

Exploring Strausberger Forest and Lake District

You can stay in Strausberg and ride the ferry, go fishing, boating and swimming on the Straussee or Straus Lake. It would still be an "urban" getaway. Or you can turn it into a raw nature exploration because there are more lakes sandwiched between massive forests beyond the Straussee. You can bull through the Strausberger Forest on the Spitz Mühlenweg to reach Spitzmühle in 10 minutes. From here, you have the Fangersee or Fanger Lake on one side and the Bötzsee on the other side. It will be just you and the forests and the lakes.

Visiting Towns and Attractions Near Strausberg

With the wealth of attractions and activities in Strausberg, there is no call to search around for things to do in other towns. But you are here and it is a tourist's sworn duty to hop from one town to another, so we will list your best options near Strausberg. If you have not come here from Berlin, then it is obviously your best choice for a day-trip with towns like Altlandsberg along the way. You can also drive the 15 minutes it takes to reach Petershagen with its windmills and Stork Museum. You might also want to visit Rehfelde to see the old Churches.

How to Hire a Car in Strausberg

There are about seven agencies offering a car rental in Strausberg for visitors. Three of them are airport depots at Strausberg Airport (EDAY), one is near the city center and one more is by the lake. The other two are a bit further off on Gustav Kurtze Promenade and Zeppelin Str. But you do not have to go around trying to find the best deal on offer from all these agencies. You can simply compare them all online, choose the deal and book the vehicle you like right now so that there will be no hassles when you reach Strausberg.

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