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St. Wendel (Sankt Wendel) is a hill station town in North-Eastern Saarland, which attracts a large number of visitors for very different reasons. For one, lakes and nature parks and forests abound, so the town has a lot of recreational spots. Secondly, it has a very vibrant cultural scene which attracts a lot of artists and results in real-life masterpieces like the "Road of the Sculptures." Third, they seem to like sports a lot here and have facilities for all kinds of games, including the mountain-biking world cup. Lastly, the Basilica with the tomb of the town's patron saint is a big attraction all by itself. If you intend to immerse yourself into this multi-hued destination, you should probably get yourself a car for hire in St. Wendel.

Rent a Car in St. Wendel for an Attractions Tour

You can start by visiting the tourist information office at Mommstraße 4a. Assuming you already have got a car for rent in St. Wendel and you now have tourist brochures and maps to guide you, head straight for the 14th century Basilica with the tomb of Saint Wendelin. See the elevated tomb inside and the massive Gothic structure with three towers from the outside. Visit the old town hall in the Fruchtmarkt and the huge globe fountain in der Mott which rotates purely because of the force of the water. The Catholic Church in Bliesen is worth a visit, and you will find many other chapels and historic structures if you wander around for a bit.

Exploring Art on the Road of the Sculptures

Imagine a collaboration of 17 artists from seven nations, brought together to create 16 giant stone sculptures which are now placed out in the open on the "Road of the Sculptures" between St. Wendel and Baltersweiler. The route takes you on a 16 mile drive through the scenic countryside from Sankt Wendel all the way to the Bostalsee or Bostal Lake at Nohfelden. On the way, you will be stopping to admire 51 works of art made by 48 artists from 11 nations, because the open air gallery project initiated by local sculptor Leo Kornbrust has become very popular and attracts artists and admirers from everywhere.

Nature Trips Near St. Wendel

You can visit Osterbrücken, where you will see how the river has been restored back to its natural state in the Oster Valley as a recreational project. You will, of course, enjoy a drive to the aforementioned Bostalsee at Nohfelden. On the way there, you might also stop at Oberthal to appreciate the 50 acres of interesting fauna and flora in the Oberthaler Bruch. You might also extend the trip a bit further past Nohfelden for a 40 minute drive on the A1 to Hermeskeil and the Saar-Hunsrück Nature Park.

How to Hire a Car in St. Wendel

Since this is a popular tourist destination, there are quite a few agencies providing a car rental in St. Wendel for travelers. Some of them can be found near the town center and on Railway Str. You can make it easy by comparing all these agencies online, choosing a deal you like and booking your vehicle right now so that there will be no hassles when you reach Sankt Wendel.

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