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Paderborn, in Germany has a population of about 150,000, though the hinterland from its neighbouring villages brings the number of inhabitants in the larger community to about half a million. The town gets its name from the Pader River which is only 4 km long and is the country’s shortest river; the water source comes from more than 200 springs.

There is so much history to experience and see when you get a car for hire in Paderborn to take you around

Hire a car in Paderborn and see history unfold before you. The conqueror Charlemagne founded Paderborn in 795 as a bishopric and much of the town’s history has ecclesiastical roots. For example, in 836, the then Bishop wanted the relics of a saint in his church as part of his mission against the pagan Saxons here.

The Religious Changes through the Years

St. Liborius, who lived in the 4th Century, had his remains transferred from Le Mans to the Paderborner Dom (Paderborn Cathedral), where they are still housed in a large crypt. He thus became the patron saint of Paderborn, and the inhabitants celebrate a 9-days long festival in late July that is unique to this area.Other notable sights are the Mariensäule (Column of the Virgin Mary), Abdinghofkirche (Abdinghof Church), Domdechanei (Cathedral Deanery), Michaelskirche (St. Michael's Church), Busdorfkirche (Busdorf Church), Erzbischöfliche Palais (Episcopal Palace), Theologischen Fakultät (Theological Faculty), Jesuitenkirche (Jesuit Church), Franziskanerkirche (Franciscan Church) and Kapuzinerkirche (Capuchin Church).

Other Attractions including the world’s largest computer museum

In 1964, the foundation for Charlemagne’s palace was found. Close by, from the 11th Century is the reconstructed Ottonian Royal Palace. Also well worth a visit is the Rathaus (Town Hall) with its wonderful architecture. In front of the Rathaus is one of the 3 wells where water used to be drawn by the town’s residents. The world’s largest computer museum, the Heinz Nixdorf Museums Forum is located in this city. The timeline of the earliest communications right up to the evolution of computers is traced here. Many other industries are found here, and Paderborn is a hub for information technology today.

Get a car for rent in Paderborn to see the pretty house of Adam and Eve

Roughly 85% of Paderborn was damaged by the Allied bombing in World War II. There is a Jewish memorial in the inner city. In many parts of the city centre, there are information boards showing pictures of the town before and after the war. The Paderborn Cathedral also has a chapel for war victims with mosaics depicting not just religious icons but also war scenes like the burning city. Only 1 block of the old section of Paderborn was spared; rent a car in Paderborn and find this row of pretty half-timbered houses. Paderborn’s historical museum is located here in the Adam and Eve House, so called because of the many woodcarvings; one set tells the story of Adam and Eve. Car Rental in Paderborn will allow you to visit the nearby towns of Borchen, Delbruck, Altenbecken, Salzkotten and Bad Lippspringe.

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