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The city’s development in its early years was due to its site for the bishop’s seat as well as a market town. Though disputed, Charlemagne may have also founded the Gymnasium Carolinium and if this date is true would make it the oldest German Gymnasium. What is certain is that Osnabrueck today is a thriving educational hub.

Choose a car for hire in Osnabrueck to discover the history

If you hire a car in Osnabrueck, drive around to see the many historical attractions. Certain sections, like the old town, have narrow streets, so take care when driving, especially since there are cyclists at the same time. Avoid the red-colored cycling lanes. Also, there are certain roads where cars are not allowed so as to create pedestrian zones, such as Grosse Strasse near the Neumarkt. Nevertheless, there are many multi-storey car parks in the city centre.

Many notable attractions

Two-thirds of the Osnabrueck were flattened in World War II, but there are still some remarkable buildings dating back to the Middle Ages and even the medieval times. These attractions reflect the city’s past, like St. Peter’s Cathedral, Gerdrudenberg Monastery and St. Catherine’s Church (Katharinenkirche). The main building for the University of Osnabrueck is the Osnabrueck Castle. Walk in the Castle’s beautiful gardens. The good news is that there are many places to drink, and the many are budget friendly as they cater to the students here. The bad news is that though Osnabrueck is generally safe, there are problems with drunks and rowdy kids – stay away from places like the Rosenplatz and Neumarkt at night.

The shadow of war

Heger Tor (or Heger Gate) is a monument built in 1815 to the fallen soldiers from the Battle of Waterloo. An Osnabrueck native was Erich Maria Remarque, famous for the novel set in World War I, All Quiet on the Western Front. The Felix Nussbaum Haus is a museum commemorating the Jewish painter from Osnabrueck who perished at Auschwitz in World War II. Osnabrueck was no different from other parts of Nazi Germany and many Jews, dissidents and Romani people were sent to concentration camps. Nussbaum’s chronicles of the pre-war years up to the Holocaust are haunting reminders of a black period.

A car for rent in Osnabrueck is a great way to enjoy the nature in the Geopark

Rent a car in Osnabrueck and explore the Terra Vita Geopark. The city is in the middle of this nature reserve which is the largest in the country and covers 1,200 square km. This includes the Wiehendebirge Hills, the Northern Teutoborg Forest and the Osnabrueck Region. UNESCO awarded Terra Vita its Geopark statues in 2004 due to its geological heritage. Do a car rental in Osnabrueck and drive through scenic country to other cities like Duesseldorf, Muenster, Hanover, Bremen and Dortmund.

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