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Offenburg refers to a city that is also known as the Open Castle a fact that is also attested to by its coat of arms which shows open gates. It lies on the point where the Kinzig River emerges from the Black Forest. In addition to being the largest city in Ortenaukreis, Offenburg also doubles up as the capital city. Some of the cities near the city of Offenburg include Strasbourg, Bas-Rhin, Rastatt, Freiburg and Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald.

Getting to attractions with car for hire in Offenburg

The city of Offenburg has some of the diverse attractions you can ever come across. Not only are they unique but they are also a sight to behold. The Capuchin Convent is situated on the southern side of the city of Offenburg and it dates back to the mid seventeenth century. The Capuchin Convent features a picturesque cloister that will take your breath away. The Fischmarkt is located on the eastern side of Offenburg’s main street. It has some amazing features that include the Lion Fountain which dates back to the end of the sixteenth century and the beginning of the seventeenth century as well as the Salt-House which dates back to the year 1786. In close proximity at Glaserstrasse 8 is the former milve which refers to a Jewish ritual bath that dates back to the thirteenth to fourteenth centuries. To get to these attractions you will need to rent a car in Offenburg.

Other popular attractions in Offenburg

There is just no shortage of places to visit and attractions in and around the city of Offenburg. The Franciscan Friary is located on the left side of the Main Street in Offenburg. The Franciscan Friary refers to a Baroque church which is home to a Silbermann organ. The other place worth visiting in when you are touring the city of Offenburg is the Holy Cross Church which is located in the Northwestern side of the Marktplatz. It is also known as the Heiligkreukirch and it dates as far back as the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. In the front of the Holy Cross Church is an exquisite group of Christ on the Mount of Olives that dates back to the year 1524. To get to this attraction, you need to hire a car in Offenburg.

Notable attractions in the Marktplatz at Offenburg

The Marktplatz at Offenburg is home to a number of attractions which one should make a point of visiting. Some of them are the Town Hall which dates back to the year 1741. On the southern side of the Town Hall is the Königshof which dates to the years 1714 to 1717. The Königshof was initially built as the residence of the Imperial governor but it currently houses the Police headquarters in Offenburg. To get to these locations you need car rental in Offenburg.

Getting to other attractions with car for rent in Offenburg

One of the other attractions in Offenburg is the Scenic Rail trip to Konstantz and back. There is also another scenic rail trip that goes to Singen and Schaffhausen and back. You will be able to soak in the beautiful mountain scenery. Lastly, the other attraction in Offenburg is the Ritterhaus Museum which dates back to the year 1784. It features folk art and traditions, regional history, colonial history as well as costumes.

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