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Krefeld is a picturesque town situated in the West German state of North Rhine Westphalia. It is situated a few kilometers away from major cities like Bonn, Duisburg, Essen, Hamm, and Cologne. Krefeld has a renowned historical past. As a result, there are a number of historical sights in the town that are worth exploring. There is a good network of buses and trams operating in the town of Krefeld. However, if you wish to explore in the best possible manner, you should opt for a car rental in Krefeld.

Accommodations with a Car for Hire in Krefeld

There are many good hotels where tourists can stay when they visit the town of Krefeld. There are also several hostels in the town which cater essentially to backpackers. The Krefeld Youth Hostel is a popular accommodation destination for budget travelers. It provides its guests decent and comfortable beds, hot water, and room heating facilities. If you hire a car in Krefeld, you can make your way to this hostel quite conveniently.

Sightseeing in Krefeld

Krefeld’s significant historical past is evident in the number of historical structures present in this small town. With the car hire services, you can access popular historical sights like the town hall and the Roman Catholic church from the sixteenth century. The latter was constructed by a Catholic ruler of the town. The rental car can make your travel to these well-known historical sights very simple because you can witness and discover these structures at your own pace and convenience.

Shopping in Krefeld

Shopping is a popular activity among travelers in the German town of Krefeld. There are many desirable shopping destinations in the town, such as Saturn which specializes in garments and electronic gadgets. You can use a rental car to get to all of the premier shopping areas in town.

Eating out with a Car for Rent in Krefeld

If you rent a car in Krefeld, you can make your way to some exotic gourmet dining locations in the town. Stacy’s is a renowned gourmet restaurant that serves the most exquisite French, German, and Italian food at moderate prices.

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